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New Petroleum Tanker For Sale

Do you know what a petroleum tanker is? Do you want to know how the petroleum tanker works? Do you know what is the difference between the new petroleum tanker and the used petroleum tanker?
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What is a petroleum tanker?

Petroleum tanker definition:

Petroleum tanker as known as oil tanker, designed to carry liquefied goods, liquid types that can be transported, such as petrol, gasoline, oil, water, etc. They can be made of insulated and uninsulated, pressurized and unpressurized, single and multi-storage to accommodate a variety of different transportations.


How Oil Tankers Work?

The petroleum tanker transports raw oil from the pumped area to the refinery where it is processed into fuel and other products. Then transport to the gas station, oil tankers can also transport other things, such as water, juice, milk, liquid sugar, diesel, and industrial chemicals.

Loading petroleum tankers

Load petroleum in the manhole cover and refuel through the oil pump.

Unloading petroleum tankers

When unloading, connect directly to the oil tank that needs to be unloaded through the bottom pipe, and open the discharge valve to unload the petroleum.


Images for petroleum tanker

petroluem tankerpetroleum tanker


Video - Petroleum tanker


Petroleum Tanker Trailer Manufacturers

Panda Mechanical is a manufacturer specialized in Petrol/Petroleum tanker truck.

Panda has sold diesel tanker trucks in many countries, mainly in Africa, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc.


petroleum tankers for sale

We supply new petroleum tankers for sale. We also can supply used petroleum tankers. However, the used petroleum tank trailers often have problems and will require frequent maintenance. Generally, we do not recommend purchasing petroleum tankers. 

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Advantage - Petroleum tanker

1. Fuel tank body with carbon steel material, easy repair, low maintenance.

2. Anti-wave baffles: adopt T610L high strength steel plate can increase the yield and tensile strength, also low the tare weight of tanker.

3. Reinforced ladder of tank body internal for cleaning and repairing fuel tank trailer.

4. Installed valve protection box, to prevent the leakage of the transport medium from causing environment pollution and personal injuries.

5. The cooking oil tanker trailer will be inspected before painting, so that ensures every detail is good.

ASME/ADR certification. We provide a security certificate for each tanker trailer provided by an independent third-party certification company based on the customer's needs. The inspection company checks each trailer according to the agreement with our customers and provides a certificate that proves whether the trailer complies with the agreement.


Petroleum Tanker parts

Discharge valve,Discharge pipe,Bottom valve,Fire extinguisher,3mm reflective tale(yellow color) on side of tanker,Mudguard,Ladder,1 standard tool box,Landing gear,Brake system,Suspension......