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60000L Oil Tanker Truck For Sale

Panda Mech is fuel tanker truck manufacturer from China. We supply 30000-60000 liters fuel tanker truck for sale. We offer fuel tanker truck capacity and dimensions.
Description PANDA Oil Tanker Truck

This article focuses on fuel tanker truck specifications capacity images suppliers and prices. Fuel tanker trailers are classified according to their use, including oil tanker trailer, diesel tanker trailer, petrol tanker trailer, etc.


60 KL fuel tanker truck images

fuel tank truck60 KL fuel tanker truck


60000 Liters fuel tanker truck specification

The following is the fuel tanker trailer specifications, dimensions, parts, capacities and materials.

Brand 60000 Liters fuel tanker truck
Fuel tanker truck dimensions 12100 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x3900mm(Height)
Tank Body
Fuel tanker truck capacity 60,000 liters 
Tank Material carbon steel
Compartments 1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs
Discharge 3” or 4” ball valves 
Discharge Pipes 4” rubber hose, 2 units, 6 meters/each
Ladder The tank is equipped with a front or rear ladder to facilitate the arrival of manholes.
Main Beams

Q345B steel fabricated I beam. 

Landing Gears JOST C200
Axles 4 axles, 13T
Suspensions Mechanical suspension 
Brake System WABCO


Fuel tanker trailer manufacturer

Panda Mech is a fuel tanker truck manufacturer from China. We supply 30000-60000 liters tanker trucks for sale. The fuel tanker truck depends on specifications.

Fuel tanker truck parts


Adopting all types of cost-effective mature chassis produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck and other well-known domestic manufacturers, the reliability, comfort and economy are the best


All the raw materials are made of high-quality international steel produced by large domestic steel companies. Specialized vehicle production process, combined with years of production experience


Rich in variety and complete in announcements to meet users' needs for different tonnages, different power options, and different types of functions


Applicable to various oil transportation and distribution units for oil transportation, distribution and mobile fueling operations

Vehicle configuration

Gear oil pump, non-return flow meter, one metering pressure oil discharge port, one non-metering pressure oil discharge port, ground wire, fire cap, fire extinguisher, two 3 meter oil pipelines, optional tax-controlled fuel dispensers according to user requirements, Explosion-proof cover, subsea valve, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow and bottom refueling pipelines and other mature options


Fuel tanker truck design

  • 1 security barrier
  • 2 configure the vehicle-mounted tax refueling machine, automatically roll the mobile refueling vehicle
  • 3 double and multiple tanks
  • 4 double pump device, oil completely independent
  • 5 motor pump
  • 6 straight suction recovery
  • 7 dipstick, level gauge, deep hole gauge valve
  • 8 oil sump