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LPG Semi Trailer For Sale

We are LPG semi Trailer manufacturer from China. We have 57.5m³ LPG semi Trailer, 59.5m³ LPG semi Trailer, 60.3m³ LPG semi Trailer for sale.Please contact us if necessary.
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1.LPG Semi Trailer Specification

2.LPG Semi Trailer Image

3.LPG Semi Manufacturer

4.Used LPG Semi Trailer

1. LPG Semi Trailer Specification:

Design & manufacturing Code:  ASME standard
Code, Regulation and Agreement ASME CODE SEC. VIII-p.1, 2017
Capacity Volume 57.5m³, 59.5 m³, 60.3 m³
Liquid LP. GAS (Non-corrosive)
S.G. of Medium 0.53
Tare Weight 17300kg
Maximum Permissible Mass 26130kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 43430kg
Load Distribution for King Ping 17300kg
Load Distribution for Running Gear 26130kg
Weight of Tank 11700kg
Design Pressure 1.724 MPa
MAWP 1.724 MPa
Design Temperature -23.3/51.7℃
Inside Diameter 2470mm
Total Length of Vessel 12938 mm
Hydrostatic Pressure Test 2.25MPa
Air Leakage Test Pressure 1.724 MPa
Nominal Thickness 14Shell /8mm
propane tank sizes 13238(L)/2640(W)/4050(H) mm
Wheel Space 7785+1320+1320 mm
Materials SA-612M(N)

LPG Semi Trailer valves & Fitting:

Item Name Brand Specification
P.R.V. REGO 3”
E.S.V. (Liquid Spray) REGO 3”
E.S.V. (Liquid Withdrawal) REGO 3”
E.S.V. (Vapor Equalizer) REGO 2”
Global Valve(Liquid Phase) (REGO) 3”
Global Valve(Vapor Phase) (REGO) 2’’
ACME Connector(Vapor Phase)ACME (REGO) 2 1/4” ACMEx2”MNPT

LPG Semi Trailer Configuration Sheet  LPG Tank Trailer for sale

Item Name Specification
Tank Pressure relief valve    A8436G
  Level gauge  6339M11(Magnetel)(Rochester)
Drain  YES 
Manway  16”
Steel baffle  Iron baffle,
Filling &  Discharge  System  Control method  Mechanical
  Liuid dischare  Single liquid discharge system, at right side of the trailer
  Valve box  Iron, at right side of the trailer
Other Fittings Tool box  At rear of the trailer 
Mudguard  Aluminum Alloy mudguard 
Ladder  NO 
Level gauge armrest  NO 
Water tank or hose box  NO 
Fire extinguisher  5kg
King pin  JOST 2〞king pin
King Pin Seat Ground C To be confirmed 
Landing gears JOST separate winding,
model A400
Running Gear Slanted or horizontal  Slanted 
Suspension  Chinese Spring Suspension
Spare wheel carrier  YES 
ABS KORMEE brand, 4S/2M 
Rim  Steel rim 
Axle  FUWA brand, 13ton
Tire  Double Coin, tubeless, 12.00R20
Light  LED lamps; 12V or 24V voltage.
Side protection  Aluminum 
Brake  Drum type 
Earthing  1pc installed at the rear side of chassis
1pc installed in the cabinet
Surface Reflective stickers  3M reflective stickers
  Painting & logo  

2. Image of LPG tank semi trailer:

Let's show you the LPG tank semi-Trailer that PANDA once sold. Some of them were in the factory before they were sent to customers. If you want to see pictures of details of LPG tank semi trailer, please contact us. LPG transport trailer for sale

LPG semi trailer

LPG Semi Trailer

LPG tank semi trailer

LPG tank semi trailer

LPG semi trailer

Propane tanker trailers for sale

co2 tanker trailer

3. LPG Semi Trailer Manufacturer:

PANDA are LPG Semi Trailer Manufacturer from China. We have propane tanker truck for sale: 57.5 m3, 59.5 m3, 60.3 m3, 500 gallon propane tank trailer for sale, 1000 gallon propane tank trailer for sale, if you have specific requirements for LPG semi Trailer, please contact us.

PANDA has 20 years of design/manufacturing experience in the field of liquefied gases and hazardous chemicals storage and transportation. PANDA's liquefied gas carriers have more than 20 patented technologies and are exported to more than 40 countries or regions.

PANDA uses stress analysis design technology, lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy wave-proof board for aerospace material military manufacturing process, safety valve integrated into the tank body, European quadrilateral prism legs, tank body and running mechanism, precise assembly tooling and other cores. Technology to produce high quality lpg semi trailer.

4. Used lpg Semi Trailer:

Many people are looking for used lpg tanker trailer for sale, I understand you, because it can save costs, if you need used lpg semi trailer, we do not have used propane tank hauler trailer for sale , but we can help you find, we have many customers in Africa Area, maybe we can help you. You can also go to find lpg semi trailer turkey. 

5. Propane tank trailer rental:

Maybe you need propane trailers for lease. You can contact us, maybe we can help you.

6. How to move a 120 gallon propane tank or 250 gallon propane tank?

The propane tank is a container for liquefied petroleum gas. We generally use the lpg semi trailer to move 120 gallon propane tank or 250 gallon propane tank. 

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