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3 Axle Lowboy Truck For Sale

Panda Mech is a lowboy truck manufacturer in China. We supply various models lowboy trucks for sale, lowboy truck dimensions, ramps, loads, companies, specs...
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What is lowboy trailers?

Lowboy trailers as known as lowboy trucks, low loader trailer, there are generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed trailers cannot be transported, so people use lowboy trailers for transportation.


Lowboy trucks specifications

Lowboy truck brands

–  Panda Mech

Lowboy trucks loading capacity: 20-120 ton

–  2 axle lowboy trucks capacity: 20-40 ton

–  3 axle low loader lorry capacity: 40-70 ton

–  4 axle lowboy trailer loading capacity: 70-90 ton

Lowboy truck dimensions

–  2 axle lowboy truck dimension: 13000x3000x1750/1250 mm

Lowboy truck weight

–  2 axle lowboy truck: 9-11 ton

–  3 axle low loader truck: 10-12 ton

–  4 axle lowboy truck: 11-13 ton

Lowboy truck width

–  3000mm, 3meter, Most used

Lowboy truck height: 850-1250 mm

–  Lowboy truck max-height: 1750 mm

lowboy truck length

–  850-1250 mm, customize to your needs.

–  Lowboy truck maximum height: 1250 mm, 1.25 meter

Lowboy truck wheels

–  2 axle: 2x4+1

–  3 axle: 3x4+1

–  4 axle: 4x4+1

Lowboy truck valve


Lowboy truck suspension

–  Mechanical suspension/ air suspension

lowboy truck tires

–  235/70 R 17.5

–  245/70 R 17.5

–  295/60 R 22.5

–  11 R 22.5

–  12 R 22.5

–  315/80 R 22.5

Lowboy truck parts/accessories

–  Hydraulic ramps, hydraulic pump, lowboy truck valve, booster, brake shoes, brake drums, outriggers, suspension,landing gear, tries, lights, 

Lowboy truck types

–  Removable gooseneck lowbed trucks, gooseneck lowbed trailers, step lowboy trailers, lowboy trailer with hydraulic ramps, special lowboy trailers(customize).

2 Axle lowboy trucks photo

2 Axle lowboy trucks photo2 Axle lowboy trucks

3 Axle lowboy truck images

3 axle lowboy truck

4 Axle lowboy truck pictures

4 Axle lowboy truck 4 Axle lowboy truck

Lowboy truck manufacturers

Panda Mech is a lowboy truck manufacturer from China. We have extensive experience in semi-truck manufacturing. We offer a variety of lowboy trucks for sale. We can customize according to your needs. We have achieved success in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya...


Lowboy trucks for sale

2 axle lowboy trucks with ramps cost: $13,800-17,800

3 axle lowboy trucks for sale: $15,800-19,800

4 axle lowboy trucks for sale price: $18,800-22,800

5-10 axle lowboy truck price: Contact us for a quote.

Lowboy gooseneck truck for sale: Contact us for a quote.

Special lowboy trucks for sale: Contact us for a quote.

Lowboy trucks repair

Repairing lowboy trucks is a very technical job. If your truck needs to be repaired, we recommend that you go to a professional repair place to carry out repairs, so as not to cause damage to your own repairs.


How does a lowboy truck work

Lowboy trucks, better known by their English name “lowboy,” are distinctive elements for the transport of containers, equipment and heavy machinery Thanks to a series of characteristics that make them unique.

The vehicles are available in configurations from 2 to 10 axles, which can be lifted or swiveled, controlled automatically depending on the angle of the fifth wheel and manually using an independent wired or radio remote control. Especially for the needs of transporting various types of wheeled vehicles, passenger cars, vans, trucks, agricultural machines. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment of the extension and tilt of horizontal platforms, the length of the set and the increase in the loading area of the rear load drawer, this set can be quickly adapted to the type of transported load.

The maximum length of the collection is 18.6 m. The loading tread is covered with perforated sheets, which ensures the possibility of securing the amount in every place and gives proper anti-slip properties. Thanks to the use of a separate hydraulic aggregate mounted on the semi-truck, the need for a semi-truck tractor with a hydraulic outlet is eliminated, which makes the operation of the semi-truck effortless.

In Cranes trucks and Equipment, we have a wide range of industrial cranes, trucks, platforms, and special lifting equipment to meet the different lifting, assembly and transport requirements of companies and individuals.

One of the critical issues for us related to low-loader transport is safety. It is essential not only to efficiently and safely load the transported goods and secure them against any displacement during transport. The security of employees handling such traffic is equally important, which is why high-quality materials are used in the production of semi-trucks and low-loader trucks, and the surfaces are covered with appropriate, non-slip materials, e.g., a special waterproof plywood or sheet.


Lowboy truck design

Lowboy trucks usually use a concave beam (or well type) frame, and the front section of the frame is a gooseneck. The towing pin on the front of the gooseneck is connected to the traction saddle on the tractor. The gooseneck rear end and the semi-truck frame Connected), the middle section is the cargo platform (the lowest part of the frame), and the rear section is the wheel carrier (including the wheel).


How to operate lowboy truck

The low-profile truck has a main force transmission area. One of them is the main coupling, which is responsible for transferring the basic longitudinal traction between the truck and the gooseneck.

The coupling acts as a single point in the couple to maintain the truck frame and gooseneck in the desired relative position.

Another force vector of the same couple is typically transmitted through the thrust block behind the gooseneck. This is basically the bearing surface of the truck frame at the point of separation rearward.

Hydraulic pressure is then supplied to the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder to facilitate the retraction of the rod.

This creates a hydraulic lock between the truck chassis and the gooseneck. A locking pin is then used to establish a positive link between the yoke slot and the T-bar yoke.


How to disconnect/detach/unhook lowboy truck?

1. Remove the locating pin and the air tube and wire connection

2. Once all the linkages have been safely removed, lower the cargo platform

3. Drive away from the truck with the gooseneck

4. Once the truck has been unloaded, it can now be comfortably loaded from the front of the truck bed.


How to load a lowboy truck

In general, the lowboy truck is loaded from the rear side. The main difference between the movable gooseneck lowboy truck and the ordinary lowboy truck is that the movable gooseneck lowboy truck loads equipment or cargo from the front.

Ideally, the movable gooseneck lowboy truck is complex to operate, but the equipment/goods are easily driven on the truck. The equipment is safer and more stable during loading, transportation, and unloading.


How long is a lowboy truck

The lowboy trucks length: 13000mm


How much does a lowboy truck weight

The lowboy trucks weight: 9-13 ton


How wide is a lowboy truck

A lowboy truck width: 3000 mm


How to use a lowboy truck

Lower the lowboy truck hydraulic ramps, then load the machinery or equipment onto the lowboy truck, then raise the lowboy truck hydraulic ramps and transport it to the place where it needs to be transported.