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5 Axle Low Loader Lorry For Sale

Panda Mech is a Low Loader Lorry manufacturer from China. We supply various models Low Loader Lorry for sale We supply dimensions, weight, height, parts, specs...
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Low Loader Lorry For Sale Dimension & weight

Low Loader Lorry is used to transport construction machinery, equipment, and bulk cargo, mainly in limited heights such as bridges.


Low loader specifications


–  Panda Mech

Low loader lorry loading capacity: 

–  low loader loads: 20-120 ton

–  2 axle low loader trailer capacity: 20-40 ton

–  3 axle low Loader lorry capacity: 40-70 ton

–  4 axle Lowboy Truck loading capacity: 70-90 ton

–  5-10 axle low loader lorry capacity: 50-150 ton

–  Special low loader payload: 20-150 ton

Low Loader Lorry dimensions

–  2 axle low loader lorry dimensions: 13000x3000x1750/1250 mm

–  3 axle lowboy trailer dimensions: 13500x3000x1250 mm

–  4 axle semi low loader dimensions: 14500x3000x1250 mm

–  Special low loader truck dimensions: Customized

low loader length

–  10500-17000 mm

low loader width

– 3000 mm

Low Loader Lorry weight

–  2 axle low loader lorry: 9-11 ton

–  3 axle low loader: 10-12 ton

–  4 axle low loader: 11-13 ton

–  Special low loader truck capacity: customize according to your needs.

Low loader width

–  3000mm, 3meter, Most used

Low Loader Lorry height: 850-1250 mm

–  Low Loader Lorry max-height: 1750 mm

Low Loader Lorry length

–  850-1250 mm, customize to your needs.

–  Low Loader Lorry maximum height: 1250 mm, 1.25 meter

Low loader axle

–  2-10 axle

Low loader axle weights

–   ton

Low Loader Lorry wheels

–  2 axle: 2x4+1

–  3 axle: 3x4+1

–  4 axle: 4x4+1

Low Loader Lorry valve


Low Loader Lorry suspension

–  Mechanical suspension/ air suspension

Low Loader Lorry tires

–  235/70 R 17.5

–  245/70 R 17.5

–  295/60 R 22.5

–  11 R 22.5

–  12 R 22.5

–  315/80 R 22.5

Low Loader Lorry parts/accessories

–  Hydraulic ramps, hydraulic pump, Low Loader Lorry valve, booster, brake shoes, brake drums, suspension,landing gear, tries, lights, low loader outriggers, low loader chassis low loader ramp springs.

Low Loader Lorry types

–  Removable gooseneck lowbed trailers, gooseneck lowbed trailers, step Low Loader Lorry, Low Loader Lorry with hydraulic ramps, special Low Loader Lorry(customize).

5 Axle low loader photos

low loader lorry

b double low loader


2 Axle low loader lorry photos

2 Axle Low Loader Lorry photo2 Axle Low Loader Lorry

3 Axle low loader trailer images

3 axle low loader trailer3 axle low loader trailer

4 Axle low loader trailer pictures

4 Axle low loader trailer 4 Axle low loader trailer

low loader manufacturers

Panda Mech is a low loader lorry manufacturer from China. We have extensive experience in semi-trailer manufacturing. We offer a variety of Low Loader Lorry for sale. We can customize according to your needs.

We supply 2 3 4 5...10 axle low loader for sale, 20-120 ton low loader for sale, 30 40 ft low loader for sale.

We have achieved success in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya...


Low loader lorry for sale

2 axle low loader with ramps price: $13,800-17,800

3 axle low Loader lorry for sale: $15,800-19,800

4 axle low loader truck for sale: $18,800-22,800

5-10 axle low loader truck price: Contact us for low loader quotes.

low loader gooseneck trailer for sale: Contact us for a quote.

Special low loader price: Contact us for a quote.

What is a low loader trailer?

low loader meaning

low bed trailer,  as known as low loader lorry, low bed semi trailer, lowbed trailer, low loader truck, lowboy truck. There are generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed trailers cannot be transported, so people use Low Loader Lorry for transportation.


What is a low loader vehicle?

The low-load vehicle is used to transport some construction machinery, equipment and bulk cargoes, such as excavators, bulldozers, graders, transformers, hydraulics, because many countries have limited heights in bridges, so low loader vehicles are required.


What is a low bed truck?

Low bed truck as knows as lowbed trailer, low bed trailer, lowboy trailer, lowboy truck. They are generally used in places with limited height


What is a highboy trailer?

Highboy trailers, also known as flatbed trailers, are commonly used to transport containers. They consist of a loading deck, landing gear (reduced legs) (supporting the trailer when disengaged), side rails and winches for binding. Highboy trailers come in a variety of lengths and widths and can be loaded from docks or forklifts.


How low is a lowboy trailer?

The lowboy trailer height is generally 12500 mm and can be as low as 7500 mm.


When were gooseneck trailers invented?

The first gooseneck trailer was invented in the 1920s; it has riveted gooseneck and solid rubber tires. In 1958, the first detachable gooseneck trailer, called RGN (movable gooseneck), was invented.


How to disconnect low loader lorry?

1. Remove the locating pin and the air tube and wire connection

2. Once all the linkages have been safely removed, lower the cargo platform

3. Drive away from the truck with the gooseneck

4. Once the truck has been unloaded, it can now be comfortably loaded from the front of the truck bed.