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What is the LNG tank truck?

LNG is liquefied natural gas, we generally refer to it as LNG. We used an LNG tank truck to transport LNG.


LNG tank truck image:

lng transport truck

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LNG tank trailer specification:

LNG tank trailer capacity: 59.6CBM

LNG tank: LNG tank is a part of LNG tank trailer, belonging to LNG storage equipment; large capacity LNG tank is working under ultra-low temperature (-162 °C),


During operation, since the stored LNG is in a boiling state, when external heat is intruded, or due to impact and atmospheric pressure changes during filling, the stored LNG will be continuously vaporized into a gas, and in this operation, the tank must be considered. Pressure control, gasification gas extraction, treatment, and refrigeration and cooling. In addition, accessories such as safety valves, liquid level gauges, thermometers, and expansion joints for inlet and outlet pipes of LNG storage tanks must also be resistant to low temperatures.


LNG tank trailer different insulation methods:

  1. packaging insulation
  2. powder fiber insulation (vacuum)
  3. High vacuum insulation
  4. high vacuum multilayer insulation (vacuum)

lng tank trucks

LNG tank trucks

LNG tank trailer principle:

After the LNG tank trailer is used to transport the LNG from the gas source to the LNG gas supply station in the gas city, the tank storage tank is boosted to 0.6 MPa by the air temperature booster gasifier on the tank truck (or through the unloading of the station) The pressurized gasifier boosts the tank container truck).

At the same time, the pressure of the storage tank is reduced to about 0.4 MPa, so that a pressure difference of about 0.2 MPa is formed between the tank truck and the LNG storage tank, and the LNG in the LNG tank truck trailer is discharged into the storage tank of the gas supply station by using the pressure difference. At the end of the unloading, the natural gas in the LNG tank truck is recovered through the dumper gas line.


LNG tank trailer usage notice:

LNG tank trailers have a large number of valves and fittings in the rear operating box, such as safety valves, liquid valves, vent valves, etc. These valves are directly connected to the tank. If any valve has problems, it may cause liquefaction. Natural gas leaks.


Loading and unloading LNG tank trailer:

The Unloading LNG tank truck pressurizes the LNG tanker trailer through the supercharger, allowing the LNG to pass from the LNG tanker trailer through the tanker's outlet pipe to the outside tank.


Unloading and loading tank semi trailer lng can also use a supercharger without a supercharger.


The principle of the LNG tanker trailer is a bit like a boiling water bottle for home use, except that LNG is a liquid with a temperature of less than 100 degrees. If you install it, you usually go to a special place. People have a pump and come straight. If you unload, use a hose and pump it.


Lng tank trailer for sale price:

Very cheap, but the quality is very good. We buy LNG tank trailer for only cost: ASME standard $45,500


Lng tank trailer manufacturer:

Panda is a sold LNG tank truck trailer manufacturer from China. Panda has sold LNG tank trailers in many countries. Such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Indonesia, and many other African countries and Southeast Asian countries.

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