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What is trailer chassis?

Panda Mech • 2020-07-07 14:26:46

Mainly there are three types of trailer chassis, gooseneck skeletal trailer and container tipper.


Trailer chassis

Our common container chassis is two longitudinal beams spaced apart from each other, and then connected by multiple beams and beams, the beams and longitudinal beams can be firmly welded together.

The frame of the container chassis provides a sturdy structure, which can fix the wheels, landing gear, kingpin, suspension system, etc.

The strength of the overall frame is very important. Most of the container chassis are made of steel or aluminum.

Trailer chassis

The aluminum container chassis is relatively lighter and is more suitable for those countries with limited weight. The minimum weight of the aluminum container chassis can be 8,500 pounds, and the minimum weight of the steel container chassis can reach 10,000 pounds, because the difference between the weights, aluminum chassis can transport more goods, thereby increasing revenue.

The container chassis made of steel and the container chassis made of aluminum are different in material, so the prices are also different.

The aluminum container chassis is a bit more expensive than the steel container chassis, but if you can transport more goods each time, it can offset the initial cost.


Gooseneck chassis trailer

20ft Gooseneck chassis trailer

Compared with the skeleton trailer, the biggest advantage of the gooseneck trailer is that it is more stable and safe, and it can be used to transport some goods above the limited height.
The gooseneck trailer is relatively heavier, but it is easier to handle than other trailers during transportation.

Container tipper 

20 ft Container tipper 

The container tipper is with lifting device, which can make the container rear end reach the ground through the lifting device, and then move the truck forward so that the container can be slowly unloaded.

Another way is to directly unload the goods in the container without unloading the container to the ground.


How much is a container trailer?

Panda mech is a trailer manufacturer in China. We provide 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft container trailers for sale. The container trailer price varies according to the sizes and types.

Container trailer price: $6900-$9800. Please send us the specifications of the container trailer you need, and we can send you a quotation.


What is the loading capacity of a 40ft container?

All containers, including 20ft 40ft 45ft 53ft containers, all of them can be loaded with a maximum weight of 27 tons; the weight of this load is determined by the crane, and the maximum weight of the crane can lift is 30 tons. There will be some problems if the weight exceeds.