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What is the best dump trailer

Panda Mech • 2020-08-14 16:56:07

A dump trailer is a large trailer that usually rises when its hall is dumped to a selected location. It is similar to the trailer of a dump truck and is a synonymous synonym.

However, there are some small adjustments here and there that make each adjustment different. There are different bucket options, but the main ones are the rear bucket and the side bucket.

Tipper trailers will help you to move and unload bulk goods in a very simple and effective way. Finally, your operation will be very affordable.

They have become an excellent solution, especially when dealing with large jobs. Through a well-designed unloading mechanism, operation safety can be well maintained.

With the help of dump trailers, they can be used in many fields such as construction, agriculture and recycling. They have different shapes and types. Therefore, you will be different according to your specific needs and requirements.

dump trailer


Rear dump Trailer

The rear dump trailer is also called the rear dump trailer, and its working principle is to unload the goods to the rear. They are commonly used to carry construction materials (for example, sand and stone) and other materials (for example, coal).

Ideally, you can use it for loading industrial raw materials or any other solid materials used in construction. The rear loader is designed to simplify the unloading process.

Once the rear of the trailer is locked, the cargo can be loaded into that position. When arriving at the destination, the front of the dump trailer is lifted, causing your cargo to fall from the rear.

The bucket of the dump trailer is made of thicker steel plate, which can bear the weight of goods usually made of hard materials. In this way, the strong steel plate prevents the cargo from damaging the trailer.

The rear dumper is suitable for cargo with a large rest angle. It is important to note that the length of the rear dumper cannot exceed 12m. Any truck that exceeds this time may be dangerous.


Side tipping trailer

The side unloader is an alternative to the rear unloader. This type of dump truck trailer allows you to unload cargo from the side. Nevertheless, you can still use it to transport solid construction materials, such as sand and stones.

The side dumper uses a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor, and uses a dump bucket on one side. The remaining side allows you to choose to open and lock it during the operation.

Side tipping trailer

The design is designed to allow side tipping, and there is a reason. You may be forced to roll in an area where there is not enough space.

In this case, you can use this side unloader for lateral unloading. It helps to save space. Thick steel plates are also placed in appropriate locations to prevent possible damage to trailers with thin steel plates.

Unlike the rear dumper, the side dumper is suitable for cargo with a small rest angle. However, the load of the side unloader may be greater than that of the rear unloader.


Type of tilt system

There are two types of tilt systems: Direct push and link type

1. Direct push

These are your most common types in the market. This is a simple mechanism that can directly push the trailer up in a clockwise direction to unload cargo.

The floor of the trailer is tilted by the tractor to make the trailer move backward.

The tow bar is usually hinged to a sliding mechanism which is arranged under the floor and is connected by a single link that leads to the wheels which support a frame that is usually hinged to the rear of the floor.

Type of tilt system

2. Push dump truck

Figure 3 Push forward and backward respectively

When the sliding hinge is slid backwards, the rod-frame-bed structure will change shape as the trailer continues to tilt.

You can lock the trailer in the desired position and still tilt the wheels backward so that the floor occupies a higher level than in the driving position.

The direct push mechanism can be located in the front, rear or middle part.

3. Link type

This is an indirect and complex mechanism designed to achieve more effective promotion than direct promotion. Nevertheless, the mechanism still pushes the trailer up in a clockwise direction to unload the cargo.

In this case, the tow bar is hinged to a sliding mechanism arranged under the bottom plate,

It is connected by a number of links that lead to the wheels of the supporting frame, which is usually hinged to the rear of the floor, like most dump trucks.

Several moving rods are connected to transfer the movement to the floor of the trailer, causing it to tip over by the tractor, thereby moving the trailer backward. See Figure 7 below.


Link Dump Trailer

Figure 6 Link Tipper Trailer

As the trailer continues to tip, the arrangement of the connecting rods (frame and bed) is adjusted to form a balance in each position.

These linkages enhance lifting operations by reducing the force required. Ideally, this type of dump trailer can provide uniform strength on the truck body and ensure reduced thrust. 

Most importantly, the universal mechanism improves the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder. The linkage type assembly can face the front or the back,

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