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The three major structures of the powder material transporter

The powdered material transporter cement bulker trailer has the characteristics of novel design, reasonableness, sturdiness and durability, which effectively shortens the discharge time and improves the volumetric utilization of the tank. Today, the powdered material transportation semi-trailer manufacturers will introduce the three structural features of the powdered material transporter concretely. We look forward to your attention. cement bulker transporters

     1. Frames and traction pins: The powder material transport bulker cement semi-trailer adopts the space frame type low-alloy steel welding structure, and the traction pins adopt the assembly type, which supports better load performance and is convenient for replacement of the traction pins.
     Second, the suspension system: three-axis leaf spring suspension, cement bulker transporters the parking brake is controlled by the energy spring brake system, wheel brakes also serve as a parking brake, can play a load, absorb the vibration of the vehicle.
     Third, the electrical system: powder material transport semi-trailer frame crossbars have electrical connector sockets, frame rear brake lights, turn signals, fog lights, triangular reflectors, front and both sides with the front position lights And width lights, sidelights, etc.
     The knowledge of the three major cement bulker transporters structures of the powdered material transporter is here for you to introduce. If you need powder and granular materials to transport semi-trailers and other products, welcome to our company for consultation and purchase. We look forward to cooperating with you.