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The basic structure of cement bulker and classification

Panda Mech • 2020-03-03 17:48:55

The basic structure of cement tanker

1. Running system

2. Power system: Engine: The engine set provides power to the air compressor; power take-off: the main function is to take out the engine power and transmit it to the air compressor through the transmission shaft.

3.Air compressor

4. Air pipes: Including air intake, air distribution, pressure relief, secondary blowing, etc.

5. Tank: the sealed container for loading materials.

6. Loading and unloading device: the loading tank can be connected with the storage tower pipeline, which is controlled by a butterfly valve and is used for conveying materials.

cement tanker


Cement bulker classification:

1. The tank structure of the powder tank truck can be divided into two types, one is vertical, and the other is horizontal and lifting.

2. Divided into cement trailer and semi-trailers according to different walking mechanisms.



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