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PANDA travels to Tanzania for thousands of miles

Panda Mech • 2018-05-01 15:12:00

In March this year, PandaMech team successfully finished the visit of Tanzania. We get great support and help from Tanzania Truck Owners Association, and obtain friendship and partnership from many companies.

As the economy development in Tanzania and Central Africa, many opportunities are brought to both inland transport and boundary countries transport industry. 

PANDA travels to Tanzania for thousands of miles

When communicated with transporters, maintenance of vehicles, establishment of maintenance systems, how to guarantee the attendance rates, and controlling of transportation costs and other problems are widely found their vehicles being used now, such as AM Trailer, Serin Trailer etc. Many companies are facing serious decline in vehicle situation, because of lack in professional conservation knowledge. 

Another serious problem is about the parts and accessories support of vehicles; usually they can not find suitable parts to change. 


We, Pandamech as a responsible trailer manufacturer, supply some solutions to help to solve the problems above.