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Panda mech skeleton trailer details, advantages

What are the advantages of the panda mech skeleton trailer?

Panda Mech skeletal trailer adopts the advanced technology, pursues high quality and ingenuity, and shows the brand advantages in the subtleties.

  1. The traction pin installation plate

  Considering the different road conditions, flexibility and stability are both needed. Panda Mech skeletal trailer has reserved two towing pin installation positions. For extra long containers, in smooth road conditions, the front traction pin is more flexible; in terrible road conditions, the behind traction pin is more stable. Taking into account the characteristics of flexibility and stability, the Panda Mech skeletal trailer is more adaptable.

  2. The strengthened beam

  The main beam is the main body of the semi-trailer. In the skeletal trailer, the main beam bears the heavy loading and absorbs the shock. Panda Mech skeletal trailer main beam adopts the patented technology of composite reinforced beams, and front 8 and rear 5, which is load-bearing, anti-vibration and anti-jump box.

  3. Butterfly-shaped stress relief brace

  Butterfly-shaped stress relief brace: the triangle is more stable, and the stress has a place to go. The main loading of the skeletal trailer is from container, and the stress is from the pressure of the container. In addition to the stable frame structure, the stress relief area is also needed. The butterfly-shaped stress relief brace design of Panda Mech skeletal trailer satisfy this two demand perfectly.

  4. It is firm and pretty. Anti-friction rubber strips are added to the key parts, to avoid being stiff or rubbing hard.

  5. Bottom supported mudguard

  Bottom supported mudguard: anti-shake, anti-corrosion, anti-bump. Unlike the common way of strengthening the top of the mudguard, the bottom supported mudguard of the Panda Mech skeletal trailer prevents the damage caused by the container bumps to the mudguard, making the vehicle's line more perfect.

  6. Curved surface and wrapped angle design

  Curved surface and wrapped angle design: remove the rigidity, more affinity for the container. Compared with the rigid angle design, this design adds a lot of flexibility. It looks like that the container will not hit the vehicle body, and it does reduce the collision with the container. This design is not to pursue aesthetics, but showing that Panda Mech skeletal trailer designed with the concept of "lower and lighter".

  7. Customized high-strength steel

  The skeletal trailer is made of customized high-strength steel, and its quality and performance are stable. The vehicle accessories are all well-known brands in the industry. We adopt the perfect process design, control the quality strictly, make the product's performance best possible, and make its service life reach the highest standard in the industry. Our advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service have obtained good evaluation in the special vehicle industry and our customers.

  8. Stainless steel anti-wear and maintenance-free suspension, rear anti-collision structure

  The stainless steel anti-wear and maintenance-free suspension adapt to more complex road conditions, and the advantages have been well verified on the Panda Mech G series and T series. It helps the skeleton trailer to improve its adaptability.

  In the rear design, we can make the strongest anti-collision structure, according to the actual needs of customers, reducing the damage caused by an inertial collision.

  9. The locking beam uses high-strength materials

  High-strength material, exquisite design of the two ends, and the high standard cast steel lock increase the safety and reliability for the only part connected to the container during driving.

  10. Exquisite production process

  The professional and skilled welders perform well. The welding seam is even and smooth, ensuring that there is no spatter and welding slag. Shot blasting increases product strength and beauty. Any of Panda Mech's products is not only a sturdy special vehicle but also an artwork.

  11. Protective cover for connecting device

  A protective cover is added to the electrical and air circuit connection device to prevent short circuits caused by wetness and rainwater intrusion, prevent damage from dust and other falling objects, and increase the safety of sockets and connectors.

  12. Aluminum alloy gas cylinder

  Equipped with a large-capacity, corrosion-resistant, non-impurity generated aluminum alloy air reservoir, it greatly reduces the safety problems caused by poor air ventilation during driving.

  13. The diagonal bracing

  The sturdy and reliable diagonal bracing reduces the hidden danger of deformation caused by traction during dis-assembly.

  14. The insurance devices

  A real-time air pressure detection device is designed, which can show the pressure of the tire all the time, and inflate the tires in time in advance; using an automatic tire inflation device, real-time detection finds that the air pressure is insufficient, and can automatically inflate conveniently; equipped with flame retardant tires, which contains zinc borate, reduces the spontaneous combustion of the tire at high temperatures. These will increase the safety, convenience and comfort in actual operation, and guarantee the driving safety and the service life of tires.