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How to use cement bulker safely?

Panda Mech • 2020-03-03 18:06:17

How to use cement bulker safely?

1. If the cement bulker has not been used for a long time, when restarting, the air compressor should be started first and blow 2-3 times. After the experiment is correct, make a record and then load the cement.

2. It is strictly forbidden to open the inlet cover when there is the air pressure in the tank. The air release valve must be opened first. The pressure indication value is zero to confirm. Only when there is no air released from the air outlet pipe, the inlet cover can be opened.

3. When unloading the cement to a common warehouse on the ground (there is no joint), the pressure needs to be slightly lower when opening the discharge valve.

4. The use of brakes is strictly prohibited to increase the loading capacity.

5. When loading, the feeding port should be equipped with a filter to prevent agglomerated cement, paper bags, cotton yarn, etc. from entering the tank, which may bring difficulties to unloading.

6. Check the air compressor frequently in case there is any leakage of lubricating oil. It should be replenished in time to avoid damage to the compressor.

cement trailer

7. When unloading the cement, the operator should pay attention to the pressure gauge. It should be no higher than the specified value (0.2mpa).

8. When unloading, unrelated people are forbidden to stand around the cement bulker.

9. The pipes and fittings should be jointed well.



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