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How to export trailers, Trailer custom declaration

Trailer declaration is a combination of trailer and custom declaration.This approach is simple and can effectively save money.However, some exporters who are just starting out in this industry are not very familiar with the business itself, and are even more unfamiliar with the trailer declaration.So, how should trailer customs clearance actually proceed?Today, Panda,one of the best Chinese trailer manufacturers, will come to give a detailed explanation to you.

Step 1: Drive the trailer to the company to load

The first step of trailer declaration is for the trailer service company to go to the company for loading.After the trailer arrives at the loading point, the driver should find relevant personnel of the company to arrange loading action in time.Please note the following when loading:

1. Before loading, the container should be fully inspected for contamination and damage.If it is necessary to repair or wash the boxes, the shipping company should be contacted in time to avoid confusion of responsibilities after loading the goods.

2. The paper of the cabinet provided by the driver and the seal of the shipping company should be carefully checked and the Numbers should be consistent.After packing, it shall confirm whether the cabinet lock is well locked and the sealing position is accurate.

3. Please ensure the accuracy of data when signing the weight on the container paper or the shipping bill.

Panda export trailer

Step 2: Deliver the container to the dock

When the container trailer is finished loading the cargo, the next step is to deliver the container to the dock.Generally speaking, the vehicle should deliver the heavy container paper to the dock in time after loading the goods and completing relevant procedures, and leave the dock within three days.This step, exporter does not need to do a lot of operation, if encounter a few more professional, each flow is more formal trailer company, can sit to wait for goods to enter harbor completely.

Panda export trailer

Step 3:Customs declaration handover

After sending the goods into the port, the next step is customs declaration.In the process of customs declaration, the company should remember to prepare the materials in advance, so as to effectively avoid the situation of card clearance.In the meantime, still should consider to inspect ark, cut off in advance wait for relevant circumstance.Therefore, customs clearance should be given sufficient time, do not press the point customs clearance, otherwise it will be easy to be dumped goods.