Flour Tanker Trailers Guide – How to Choose Specs/Capacity/Dimension

What is flour tanker trailer?

The vertical flour tanker trailer is a tanker that is used for transporting bulk flour materials with the medium of flour materials, the tank is a horizontal cylindrical cylinder and a number of vertically inverted cone bins, the minimum angle between the cone bins and the horizontal surface is greater than the resting angle of the flour materials, the materials flow to the discharge port by gravity, and the discharge method of pneumatic conveying is used.

Why do we need a flour transport trailer to transport flour?

Flour is a kind of powder milled from wheat, which is divided into special first-grade flour, special second-grade flour, and common flour according to processing precision. With different grades, the granularity and bulk density of flour is different. After research, individual flour mills use horizontal flour tank semi-trailer to transport flour, the residual amount of material can usually reach 3 0 0 ~ 500kg, due to the large fluidized bed area of a horizontal flour tank semi-trailer, the flour is inconvenient to clean, while the flour interspersed between the fluidized air belt is difficult to clean. The residual flour is easy to cause deterioration after staying in the tank for a long time, which is a great danger to food health, while the use of a vertical flour tank semi-trailer can realize zero residual flour.


Bulk flour tanker is an important vehicle for transporting flour from flour mills to flour processing enterprises and is an important carrier in the whole process of bulk flour transportation. Flour bulk transport truck is mainly composed of chassis and upper part, which can be simply divided into five major parts: chassis system, transmission system, tank, piping system, accessories, etc.

Working Principle

The working principle is to use the car power to drive the air compressor (pump), the compressed air is sent into the air chamber under the sealed tank through the pipe so that the powder particles on the fluidized bed in the air chamber are suspended into the fluid state when the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, open the discharge valve, the fluidized material flows through the pipe and is transported, which belongs to fluidized discharge, with simple structure and sealed tank, and the flour can be well stored during transportation.

Advantages of bulk transportation compared with bagged transportation

Using bulk flour transportation technology, flour is directly loaded into the bulk trucks from the bulk flour warehouse of flour mill and transported to users such as flour food factory, and flour is transported from truck to user’s flour receiving bulk storage warehouse by pneumatic conveying technology. It avoids the loss of spillage when packing, handling, and dumping. When users use the flour in production, the flour is sent directly to the production plant with pneumatic conveying technology.
Compared with bagged transport, bulk flour transport saves flour process in flour mills, loading and unloading process in circulation, and stacking and discharging process in food factories and other users, simplifies operation, reduces labor intensity, and saves a lot of labor.

More importantly, the bulk transportation of flour saves a lot of packaging materials, avoiding the loss of flour when filling and dumping bags, and the process of manufacturing flour bags, from plastic granules to ras, garden loom, coating, and other woven bags in the process of making a certain amount of pollution to the environment. Eliminate the pollution problem of bagged flour in the process of circulation, bulk flour transporters create huge economic benefits.

Panda flour tanker safety use precautions

  1. 1. When loading should be careful not to fill the flour tank, should leave part of the space to make the flour grain expansion.
    2. When loading, should avoid mixing debris into the tank, so that the discharge pipe is blocked, affecting the discharge speed and residual rate.
    3. When carrying out unloading, if the air compressor has abnormal sound, the clutch pedal should be depressed, the engine should be turned off, and the solenoid switch of the extractor should be closed until the fault is removed before working.
    4. When unloading, pay special attention to the change of pressure gauge, the operator should not leave the scene to avoid the phenomenon of high pressure.
    5. The tank should be kept dry everyday to avoid caking of powder.
    6. Car maintenance, should prevent parts from falling and avoid knocking, in order to prevent parts damage, deformation, bumping, scratches, etc., parts must pay attention to clean when installed and repaired;.
    7. When the air compressor is working, the side of the air compressor should avoid standing people.
    8. When speeding up, don’t use the fuel door too hard and use even force.
    9. Remember not to use the external air source to exhaust.
    10. When the compressor stops working for other reasons in the process of decompression, close the inlet ball valves of the front and rear bins, and then open the external air source; after a while, close the external air source and open the inlet ball valves of the front and rear bins.
    11. Special attention: after the first unloading, make sure to check the bolts and U-shaped bolts of the pivot point and tighten each bolt one by one; afterwards, each bolt should be checked regularly, and if loose mine is found, it should be tightened.
    12. Inflatable build pressure, when there is too high pressure in the tank and lead to the safety valve open, the exhaust valve can be opened to reduce pressure.
    13. The tank into the water, should be through the bottom of the tank of the two water release valve will be water in a timely manner, if the fluidized bed canvas wet, the fluidized bed canvas should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid material caking on it.
    14. Discharge process, such as other abnormal conditions need to terminate the discharge, can first close the discharge disc valve, and then through the opening of the exhaust valve to unload the pressure in the fluidized bin.

Maintenance of Flour tanker trailer

  1. (1) In order to ensure the cleanliness of the materials in the tank, the dirt inside the tank and at the discharge port should be cleaned regularly. The first few times the tank is put into operation it is recommended that the user inspect the inside of the tank before each use.
  2. (2) In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, the vehicle is not allowed to be used when the fire prevention and anti-static device fails, the camping road system or the tank leaks, the electrostatic mopping tape fails or the ground wire is not connected. After the mopping tape wears out, the pressure plate should be loosened and the mopping tape pulled out a section to ensure that the tape is well pressed to touch the ground.
  3. (3) When the tank sedimentation tank due to water in the freezing, not allowed to use open fire heating to thaw, should drive the vehicle to the warm room or steam heating to thaw (Note: can not be used to heat the media is strictly prohibited to deal with private).
  4. (4) It is strictly forbidden to hit any part of the tanker with metal objects to avoid sparking and fire.
  5. (5)During loading and unloading, even if the working time is very short, the operation must be carried out according to the requirements of the working site to ensure the safety of loading and unloading.
  6. (6)Keep the air inlet and exhaust of the ventilation valve smoothly. If you use the pump to unload the material, you must first open the manhole cover on the filling port cover to prevent the tank from being deformed due to the excessive flow of the pump.
  7. (7) The driver must be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, and should be timely maintenance and replacement of fire extinguishers.
  8. (8) When the tank and piping system seepage, leakage, absolutely do not allow the tank with pressure on the use of electricity, gas welding for park welding.
  9. The correct approach is: the material will be unloaded clean, the tank pressure release for the state of no pressure. The tank manhole cover open, all valves are open, placed after a period of time, the vehicle into the open field before welding.
  10. (9) In order to extend the service life of the vehicle, the vehicle should be loaded with the rated loading capacity, and should not exceed the maximum total mass of the original vehicle. When the car is running on a good road, the weight can be increased appropriately, but shall not exceed the maximum total mass allowed by the original chassis.
  11. (10) double or multi-bin tank, should make each bin load quality to maintain the same level height, to prevent the biased load on the whole car caused unnecessary damage.

From which aspects to buy a qualified flour tanker?

1. The manhole cover is not sprayed with paint

For the flour tanker, the cleanliness of the flour is crucial. Inexperienced & unprofessional suppliers may paint your manhole cover, which will give you a hidden danger for future use.
Panda flour tanker manhole cover is not painted

2. The discharge pipe is equipped with a visual window

Our discharge pipe is equipped with a transparent visual window, which can help you monitor the flow of flour in the discharge pipe at any time, so that if there is a flour blockage, you can promptly investigate where the problem is and reduce unnecessary losses.

3、Welding level

Color penetration is the most intuitive and authoritative test method to check the welding level of a tanker. Every tanker of Panda will be tested for color penetration before painting, and the qualified welds and unqualified welds can be seen at a glance through the test color.

4、Tanks do not leak

Pressure test

How Panda controls the quality of flour tanker products

1.Raw material control

The source of all quality control is in the raw material, the steel plate material is not passed, all other control is futile. panda factory steel plate from Shandong steel, Anhui steel, Taiyuan steel and other state-owned large steel mills, all the steel plate into the factory are the whole steel plate, never allowed to be cut corners in the raw material are stacked.

Process control plus responsibility tracing

From cutting to painting, each process is checked and signed by the foreman, and the next process can only be carried out after the signature. All processes are strictly enforced with quality inspection standards, and the workshop director and quality inspection director are jointly responsible for them, with a complete mechanism for improvement or rejection of non-conforming products. Each production node can be traced back to a specific responsible person.

Parts control

Panda tanker parts are selected from well-known brands such as Fuwa, BPW, JOST, WABCO, etc. The parts of these brands have passed the national or industry standards such as CCC or ADR certification.

Packaging and transportation methods of Panda flour tankers

Ro-Ro, Bulk Carrier, Frame Container

How to purchase a flour tanker from Panda

Confirm the tank volume capacity, a number of bins, tank material (aluminum & stainless steel), choose the right suspension system and tire type and specify the brand of each component. Especially, please check the tank welding details carefully, and if needed, please have a video call with the salesperson. Before placing an order, please clarify the delivery date and shipping method.
Panda’s sales team supports various communication methods such as video calls, online chats, emails, phone calls, etc. If needed, welcome to visit our company.

What is Panda’s after-sales quality assurance for flour tankers

Panda provides an after-sales warranty for all exported flour tankers. Panda will be responsible for any damage caused by quality issues during the warranty period and will pay for it. For specific warranty policy, please contact our sales staff.

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