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Things you must know about buying flatbed trailer

The flatbed trailer users and drivers should first identify the manufacturer before purchase 

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Things you must know about buying flatbed trailer


Pandamech provides many kind of  flatbed trailer:

1.3Axle 40Ft Flatbed Container Trailer
2.Curtain Side Wall Trailer
3.Wing Open Box Van Trailer
4.Vehicle Transport Semi Trailer
5.3 Axle Forestry Semi Trailer With Stake 

Main selling points:

1.High Quanlity
2.Reasonable Price
3.Multiple configurations

Things you must know before buying flatbed trailer

if you want to compare chassis part, chassis is chassis company original factory production, do not look at appearance, some car exterior is same ,but inside configuration is different, you should look at these a few key points: engine, transmission, rear axle, tyre.


Secondly, you should also compare the top part: the thickness of the plate, the number of beams, the number of springs and the thickness, the overall beauty, and so on.Ratio configuration, ratio quality.So you probably know who is the manufacturer and who is the dummy flat car manufacturer.

Things you must know after buying flatbed trailer

1. Pay attention to the Angle of the slope when loading the vehicle, not greater than the slope Angle of the excavator.It's usually going backwards, because the drive wheel is in the back.Can not go up again, can use the bucket of excavator on the ground to resist, do outward movement, help excavator climb hill.So back up, big arm forward.

2. Line up the excavator and plate truck before getting on the truck, follow the direction of ground personnel and try to make the excavator go straight.

3. Pay attention to the height of the selected platform wagon and excavator. The "planing low" of the platform wagon means the height from the plane to the ground.If the overshoot is not much, we can consider unloading the bucket of the excavator to reduce the height of the big arm.Of course, the very large excavators have to be careful if they are too wide.This should be considered by flat car drivers.General transport of more than 20 tons of excavator recommended to use a flat car with expansion device.

4. How does the excavator get on the platform?

There are two baffles behind the flatcar, which come down to form a slope where the digger can drive straight up

No slopes

The excavator USES the spade to prop up on the flat car, one side can be raised up, take on the flat car, then the spade turns backward, the ground is raised, the other side also is raised up, drive on flat car ok

5.What's the height of the platform car?

Taking 10 steel wire tires as an example, the height of the excavator trailer of 6*4 rear 8 wheel flatbed trailer and 8*4 rear 8 dredger trailer are generally around 1.27.