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Dump trucks delivered to South Asia

Panda Mech • 2020-05-15 15:22:00

Time: 2020.5.15

Event: Dump trucks delivered to South Asia

We sent 15 dump trucks to South Africa. At the beginning, the customer planned to buy 10 dump trailers, but he didn’t know much about dump trailers. After a period of communication, We found that the dump trucks is more suitable for the customer’s demand. So we discussed with the customer, and finally he decided to buy dump truck. Besides, the quantity he changed to 15 units. After two months of communication, one and a half months of production, we delivered the dump trucks to South Africa as soon as possible. The customer received the dump tucks in June, and after a period of use, he gave good comment to us. We are also very grateful to customers in South Africa.

Through this we found that we must fully understand the semi-trailer and trucks in order to serve the customers better.

The following are the pictures of delivery:

Dump trucks delivered to South Asia

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