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Delivering Low bed trailers to Tanzania

Panda Mech • 2019-11-15 15:20:00

Time: 2019.11.15

Event: Delivering Low bed trailers to Tanzania

Today 6 units of Lowbed trailers will be delivered to Tanzania. We started to communicate with customers on June 18th. The customers saw our low-bed semi-trailers in the local area and then he send inquiry to us. Because at his local area the transport company who uses Panda Mech lowbed trailer is a large and famous company, when we communicated, the customer trusted us  and it is not too strenuous. After confirming the specifications that the customer needed, we started to produce. The production was finished in early November. At that time, the customer was in a hurry, so we delivered the lowbed trailers to him as soon as possible. The customer received the low bed trailers in December.

The following are the pictures of delivery:

Delivering Low bed trailers to Tanzania

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