Deadly Tanker Explosion_10 tips for driving a tanker trailer safely


A collision on a highway in Italy caused an extraordinary blast that killed at least two people and left at least 70 others injured. It happened near the city of Bologna. Police say a tanker truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas was involved in a traffic accident. The initial collision caused a fire, but shortly after the entire truck exploded, sending flames across all lanes of the highway and into the air.


What should we learn from this tragedy & How to dirive a trailer safely?

here are 10 tips for driving a tanker trailer safely.

1) know the traction capacity of your car or truck

Before you start loading endless loads onto trailers or hanging an 18-foot boat behind your car, it’s best to know the traction capabilities of your car, truck, suv, or recreational vehicle.No matter how powerful your engine is, pulling too much weight can cause countless problems.The first thing to do is to look at the owner’s manual of the vehicle, which should have a specific figure on the maximum traction weight.

Also, you should know the meanings of the following groups of nouns:

Servicing weight ─ simple says, is that the actual weight of the whole vehicle, including all of the fluid (i.e., filled with gasoline/diesel oil, engine oil, coolant, gearbox and other) and all the other additional equipment.

Cargo weight ─ weight including passengers, cargo and any optional equipment (skylight) weight.

Allow the payload ─ this is the maximum weight of vehicles can carry, including goods and full of passengers.

Knowing how much weight your vehicle can pull will keep your journey safe and prepare you well before you leave.It is not enough to know the weight of the goods you can carry, you must also know how to arrange the goods so that the weight can be distributed properly.


2) appropriate weight distribution

If you’ve ever had the experience of moving to a different house or apartment, you may have to deal with whatever you have to move.You have to sort, pack, and load.Most likely, you’ll move the larger pieces, such as furniture and televisions, and tie them tightly with ropes.Next, you’ll bring up smaller boxes and smaller objects and put them around larger objects.You don’t stack things up high because you know that light turns can fall.

You need to consider these same issues when you’re pulling, because the nature of the problem you’re facing is the same.An easy way to make traction work more smoothly and safely is to pay attention to proper weight distribution.

Always load the heaviest cargo first and tie it with rope to keep it from moving.Smaller items should be placed between Spaces.Keep the center of gravity of the cargo as low as possible.About 60% of the total weight of the cargo shall be in the front.It should also be noted that the cargo on the trailer should be as evenly as possible, so that the center of gravity of the trailer is in the middle, so as to reduce the chance of rollover.


3) check your rearview and side mirrors

If you’ve ever driven a large truck or any vehicle without a rearview mirror, you can understand the importance of using the side-view mirror correctly.If you don’t have an easy way to see behind your car, changing lanes is a dangerous move.

There are two types of side-looking mirrors: conventional side-looking and extended side-looking.Regular side-view mirrors are what you can see in any car or truck – through them you can see the driveway next to you.The extended side-view mirror allows the driver to see traffic on the back and side.They are usually larger and higher than normal side-view mirrors, which are necessary if your tractor-trailer has completely blocked your rear view.


4) good road lighting

When you drive at night, you have to make sure that all the lights on the front, rear, left and right of the car, including the lights on the trailer, are in good working order.If the headlights are not on or there is a problem with the turn signal or the brake light, especially the turn signal or the brake light of the vehicle being towed, it is possible to put other drivers or pedestrians at risk.If these problems are noticed by police officers on patrol, they are likely to stop you and give you a ticket.

Keeping all your headlights on while you trailer is important not only to double them, but in some states, to double your headlights.In some states, whether you’re towing a car, a flatbed car, a cruise ship, or a camping car, the law requires that these towed devices have operable traffic lights, including brake lights, taillights and steering lights.All of these lights must also be in sync with the lights of the vehicle you’re driving, and the lights of the trailer and the vehicle being towed or any other equipment being towed must be on at the same time as you hit the brakes.That is, both the front and back brake lights, taillights and steering signals must work simultaneously.


5) daily tire maintenance

In any case, whether you have a special plan or not, it’s a smart move to check your tires regularly.Like other auto parts, car tires wear out, require proper maintenance, and can be replaced at the right time.Ignoring a tire check is especially dangerous because a faulty tire can cause you to run aground or even cause an accident.

Even if you don’t think it’s more important, there’s no doubt about the importance of tires in your trailer.Pay special attention to your tires before the trailer starts – you should not only pay attention to the tires of the tractor itself, you should also remember to pay extra attention to the tires of the tractor.You should keep the air pressure of the tyre up to the manufacturer’s guidelines.Underinflated or overinflated tires can cause the trailer to swing unsteadily, so be sure to keep your tires properly inflated.Check the tire pressure as well as the hub bolts to make sure they are properly tightened.

trailers with good security

6) synchronize the traction vehicle with the traction brake

Just as the headlight system of the traction vehicle and the vehicle being towed needs to be operated simultaneously, the braking system of the two vehicles needs to be synchronized.For one thing, most state laws require a separate braking system for a vehicle being towed.When braking, this allows the tractor-trailer vehicle to not have to do all the work.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure the brakes are working properly.Bad brakes with a problem can spell disaster on the road.In a trailer, if the brakes fail, the added weight of the load and inertia will increase the risk of a crash.Also remember to give yourself plenty of extra brake space.Avoiding emergency braking reduces wear on the brake pads.The correct way to brake is to gently apply the brake and slow down the car until it stops.Of course, in the event of an emergency, the shortest time and distance to stop the vehicle, a sudden brake is necessary.

Another way to reduce the risk of an accident is to control your speed and not drive too fast.


7)Drive slowly

Sometimes we all have the urge to drive fast.It’s instinctive for us to put our foot on the gas pedal and feel the joy of the car accelerating forward.Those who own and drive a high-performance, high-horsepower sports car may remember that feeling.But when you’re in a trailer, speed is the last thing you should feel.

Because the car you’re driving is heavier and longer, the faster you drive, the greater the danger.Increasing speed increases the swing of the vehicle behind it, making it more difficult to stop the vehicle quickly to avoid the danger of losing control or turning over.Increasing speed can also make it difficult to control a vehicle while driving normally.When towing, caution is the best way to ensure safe driving.So drive slowly.


8) select suitable trailer trailers

Some cars already have factory towing equipment, while others have to decide and choose, so choosing the right towing is a very important step.There are basically two types of trailers, which are concentrated load – bearing and distributed load – bearing.Centralized towing is recommended for traction weighing no more than 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms).For towing weights greater than 3,500 pounds, distributed towing is recommended.If the load on the trailing vehicle is too large and the center is forward, the downward pressure will put too much pressure on the part connected to the trailer ball, causing the towed vehicle and the joint to sag, thus making the trailer and the towed vehicle look like a large V, and the rear wheel of the trailer will bear too much load.The distributed towing allows the load to be divided between the front and rear trailer and the axle being towed, thus keeping both horizontal or parallel to the ground.What’s inside the trailer is important, but so is what’s outside the trailer.


9) stay calm

You add a lot of extra work to your car’s drive system because of the extra loads that are added to the trailer.A larger load would inevitably cause the engine to generate more heat, which would put more stress on the gearbox and accelerate the gearbox wear.

Add a gearbox cooler, especially if your trailer is automatic, to significantly lower the temperature of the gearbox fluid.At the same time, adding a larger radiator, or installing an additional cooling fan, can significantly reduce the cost of expensive repairs caused by the inevitable wear and tear caused by frequent trailers.


10) practice makes perfect

The best way to make sure your trailer ride is safe is to practice before you set off and get surrounded by angry drivers and tow trucks.

Find a place away from traffic, such as an empty parking lot, load everything into a trailer, then simply drive around and do all the action.Practice using the rearview mirror to reverse and carefully observe the turning radius when making a turn.Practice acceleration and brake safely and feel the braking distance.Remember, the bigger the load you drag, the longer the brake distance.

With the ideal trailer and the best trailer, keep these tips in mind and you can turn a bumpy trailer ride into a pleasant driving experience.

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