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Daily maintenance of fuel tanker

Panda Mech • 2018-06-06 10:04:48

Daily maintenance and maintenance of fuel tanker

(1) It is necessary to understand the main structure, performance and tanker functions of the tanker firstly. The chassis of the special vehicle must go to the Dongfeng Second Automobile Service Station or the Liberation First Automobile Service Station as required to take the protection or repair;

(2) The tanker truck is usually composed of four parts: a special vehicle chassis (Dongfeng or Liberated Type II vehicle chassis), an oil tank body, a pipe network system, and a power take-off device;

(3) Every driver who drives a tanker truck must do routine maintenance of the tanker. He must do a good job of checking, cleaning, tightening, and adding before, during, and after the delivery. Car storage problems or security risks, so that timely detection of problems in a timely manner;

(4) Check whether the oil tank body, pipe network, valves, etc. are leaked or leaked before exit. Whether the upper cover is properly covered or not, the amount of lubricating oil, the amount of fuel oil, the cooling water, the braking of hands and feet, and the steering device, Meters, lights, tire pressure, tire nuts, etc.

(5) Problems that driver's friends should pay attention to while driving the tanker:

1 The tanker checks the working condition of each instrument while driving;

2 Check if the steering system is working properly when the tanker is in motion;

3 It is abnormal for the tanker to check the hand and foot brake while driving.

maintenance of fuel tanker

4 The tanker checks whether the engine, the chassis and the tank body are abnormal noises and abnormal odors during running.

5 Use the parking time to do the following inspections of the tanker: Check whether the brake drums of the front and rear wheels are overheated, check the tightening of the tires and nuts, remove the inclusions in the tire tread, and check for oil leakage or water leakage. , leakage, check the situation of the leaf spring, whether the shaft bolt is loose, check the appearance of the oil tank and the tank network system of the tanker;

(6) Tank trucks regularly go to the service station to do chassis maintenance and maintenance work to remind drivers in general to strengthen the routine maintenance of tank trucks and to regularly check and change the fire extinguishers on the vehicles in case of any accidents.


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