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How to clean stainless steel tanker? How to polish stainless tanker trailer?

Panda Mech • 2019-10-17 15:23:58

How to clean a stainless steel tanker?

Step 1: Apply a low pH (acid) detergent to the vehicle surface using a Foam Maxx foamer

When applying the chemical, foam it on from the bottom of the vehicle to the top of the vehicle

Step 2: Apply a high pH (alkaline) detergent directly on top of the low pH (acid) detergent)

Step 3: Allow for a short dwell time 30-45 seconds

Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface

Step 4: Use warm water (90°F – 100°F) for your high-pressure rinse and rinse the vehicle section from top to bottom

Maintain your high-pressure nozzle within 18 inches of the surface and a spray angle of 15° – 45°


How to polish stainless tanker trailer?

Step 1: Clean the aluminum and metal parts of the truck with a damp rag to remove all the dirt and dust that has built up from driving. Spray a metal cleaner on the parts if need be to remove any deposits. You want both your stainless steel and aluminum components to be completely clean before you polish them.

Step 2: Dry the truck components thoroughly with a dry rag. Water can interfere with the polish so you want the truck to be dry.

Step 3: Apply aluminum polish to a soft rag and work it into the fabric. Rub the rag over the aluminum parts of the semi-truck. The rag will likely turn black even though you just cleaned the aluminum, but this is normal.

stainless steel tanker

Step 4: Use another dry rag to buff the aluminum and remove any remaining traces of polish. Repeat adding polish and buffing as necessary.

Step 5: Apply steel polish to a rag or pour flour on the steel itself. Flour works very well as a stainless steel polishing agent.

Step 6: Rub polish or the flour into the metal vigorously and then buff it with a dry rag.