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After the trailer tires are punctured

Panda Mech • 2018-03-04 20:57:00

    The trailer's tires are equivalent to the shoes on our feet. Having a pair of good and good shoes can make us fly. However, if the shoes have a problem, it can be uncomfortable to walk on, or it can wrestle or even sprain our feet. Car tires are inevitably punctured by sharp objects and burst. Do you know what to do? Here are a few tips to teach you:

     First aid type: shooting guns The most common way of repairing a tire is to insert a special rubber strip into the puncture hole of the tire. The master in the tire repair shop usually refers to it as a gun-type tire repair. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is quick and easy. It takes only a few minutes and it does not require the tire to be smashed down from the rim. The disadvantage of gun-type tire repair is that it is not durable enough and it is difficult to cope with the larger wound. Usually only as a temporary remedy.

     Plug-in type: paste supplement There is also a kind of tire repair method that is sticky. The so-called shimming is to remove the injured tire from the steel rim and find the wound. After that, a special tire rubber is affixed from the inner layer of the tire to complete the leakage. The advantage of this method is that the larger wounds can be repaired, and the disadvantages are still not enough. After a period of flooding and high-speed operation, the repair site will leak again.

     End-of-the-box: fire compensation The most thorough measure of tire repair is often said to make up for fire. The fire repair also unloads the tire, then attaches the special raw film to the wound, and then bake the wound with a baking machine until the raw film and the tire completely fit. The benefits of fire compensation are very durable, basically do not have to worry about repeated air leaks. However, it also has its disadvantages, that is, the technical requirements during construction are high, because once the baking is not properly controlled, it is likely to scorch the tires and cause serious deformation. In that case, the tires can be damaged. It's big.

     Professionals point out that the method of repairing a child is various, but it is not a panacea. If a wound larger than 1 cm appears on the tire's wall (ie, on the side of the tire), or if the tread cap is pierced by a reinforcing bar or another object, causing a large hole, it is usually better to replace the new tire. Because such tires are not only difficult to makeup, the effect after refilling can not be reassuring, and simply let it retire.

     As for the hands-on, many automatic tire-cure agents on the market have certain effects, but they also have strong limitations. For example, if the trapped tire has already leaked, it will not work. The biggest drawback of this type of puncture sealant is that it is very corrosive. Whether it is a steel wheel or an alloy wheel, it will have a large amount of damage over a long period of time. The direct result of this damage is that the rim and the tire are not sealed. Strictly lead to leaks.