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Single Tire Type 40CBM Fuel Tanker Trailer

Transport medium:
Petrol,Gasoline, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar, etc.
Tank shape:
oval tank, round tank, square round tank.
Single Tire
Supply Ability:
2000unit/Sets per Month
Single Tire Fuel Tanker Trailer in the early days, due to poor tire bearing performance and poor safety, engineers had to adopt the design of rear twins to solve the bearing problems and reduce safety accidents.

Due to cost reasons and the difficulty of updating the existing rear axle technology, as well as the consumption habits of some consumers, the rear axle has been used as a twin-tire design.

However, today's tires have achieved a sufficiently high standard of safety, and tire pressure can be maintained in a short time even if the tires are tied.

And the rear axle single tire design has better performance in terms of bearing performance, comfort and safety.


Dimension of Panda 40CBM Fuel Tanker Trailer

Dimension of Panda 40CBM Fuel Tanker Trailer


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