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A dump trailer is a big trailer whose loading bucket can be lifted for unloading cargo transported. Dump trailer are also called tipper trailer. It is similar to the dump truck. 

Dump trailers are mainly used to transport bulk goods, such as sand, soil, ore, etc. for the construction, agriculture, and recycling industries. When unloading the goods transported, they work quite fast. According to the different goods transported, the dump trailers will be designed with different types and shapes. Generally, rear dump trailers and side dump trailers are widely used.

dump trailer

Rear dump Trailer

The rear dump trailer is also called rear tipper trailer. It unloads goods through the rear door. They are commonly used to carry construction materials, industrial raw materials and other materials.

The rear door of the dump trailer will be locked when loading goods. When the goods is unloaded, open the rear and and lift the front part of the trailer. The goods will slide down by gravity. The rear dump trailers simplify the unloading process.

The bucket of the dump trailer is made of thicker high strength steel plate, which can bear the weight of hard materials. In this way, the stronger steel plate can prevent the trailer from being damaged.  

The rear dumper is suitable for cargo with a large rest angle. It is important to note that the length of the rear dumper cannot exceed 12m. Any tipper trailer that exceeds this length may be dangerous.

Side tipping trailer

The side tipper trailer is another type of dump trailer. This type of dump trailer allows you to unload cargo by the side door. And it also can be used to transport solid construction materials, such as sand and stones.

Hydraulic cylinder is installed on the other side to make the tipper trailer unload by the side door. This design is designed to allow side tipping. Sometimes the construction materials might be too big to pass through the back door, the offloading area might be small, and the side tipper has a smaller rest angle. Side tipper can help us load bigger and more goods.

Thick steel plates are also placed in appropriate locations to prevent possible damage to trailers. Usually, the loading capacity of side tipper trailer is bigger than that of rear dump trailer.

Side tipping trailer

Type of tilt system

There are two types of tilt systems: Direct push type and link rod type

1. Direct push

This type is commonly used in the market. This is a simple mechanism that can directly push the trailer up to unload cargo.

The floor of the trailer is tilted by the tractor to make the trailer move backward.

The tow bar is usually hinged to a sliding mechanism which is arranged under the floor and is connected by a single link that leads to the wheels which support a frame that is usually hinged to the rear of the floor.

Type of tilt system

When the sliding hinge is slid backwards, the rod-frame-bed structure will change shape as the trailer continues to tilt. You can lock the trailer in the desired position and still tilt the wheels backward so that the floor occupies a higher level than in the driving position.

The direct push mechanism can be located in the front, rear or middle part.

2. Link rod type

This is an indirect and complex mechanism designed to achieve more effective push than direct push type. This type still pushes the trailer up in a clockwise direction to unload the cargo.

In this case, the tow bar is hinged to a sliding mechanism arranged under the bottom plate,

It is connected by a number of links that lead to the wheels of the supporting frame, which is usually hinged to the rear of the floor, like most dump trucks.

Several moving rods are connected to transfer the movement to the floor of the trailer, causing it to tip over by the tractor, thereby moving the trailer backward.

Link Dump Trailer

As the trailer continues to tip, the arrangement of the connecting rods (frame and bed) is adjusted to be balanced in each position.

These linkages enhance lifting operations by reducing the force required. Ideally, this type of dump trailer can provide uniform strength on the truck body and ensure reduced thrust.

Most important, the universal mechanism improves the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder. The linkage type assembly can face the front or the back.

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