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Do you want to know the sales price of new and used diesel tank trailers for sale? Do you want to know diesel tank trailers specifications? Do you know what diesel fuel trailers can be used for transportation?
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What is diesel tank trailers?

Diesel tanker trailers are as known as fuel tank trailers, fuel tanker trailers designed to carry any liquid items like acid, oil, fuel, milk, water, diesel Jet A1, slurry and else. We have different Tanker Trailers opportunity starts from 30.000 Liter to 60.000 Liter capacity. with 2 to 10 compartments. Panda Mech Trailer gives its customers a wide range of fuel tanker trailers assortment and finds the best solution according to customer road regulations.


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diesel tank trailer

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45,000 Liters diesel tank trailers specifications

The following is the diesel tank trailer specifications, dimensions, parts, capacities and materials.

Brand Panda Mech
Item Diesel tank trailer
Diesel tank trailer dimensions 11600*2500*1800 mm
Diesel tank trailer capacity 30,000-60,000 liters
Compartment 1-10 compartments
Insulation With insulation
Diesel tank trailer weight 10.5T
Material Iron Steel, Stainless Steel
Chassis High Strength Steel
Valve Civacon, EMCO, HELI, JLME, HENGE, 6 inches
Axle 2/3/4 axle; BPW, FUWA, L1, HO'S, SAF, PDME
Suspension Air suspension, Mechanical, Bogie
Brake system Dual Line brake system, T30/30 Chamber, Wabco emergency valve, ABS/EBS optional
Parts Mudguard, Ladder, 1 standard toolbox, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint, Polyurethane paint, Landing gear, 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim, Fire extinguisher, 4-inch Pneumatic bottom valve, 500mm Aluminum alloy manhole cover, Q345/6mm steel sheet, conforming ADR, crude oil trailer piping (According to customer needs)
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New diesel tanker trailers for sale & used diesel fuel trailers for sale

  • 1. New diesel tanker sale price: $13,000.00 - $19,000.00, used fuel trailers price a little lower.
  • 2. The new diesel tanker trailers are more worry-free and have after-sales service guarantees, but the used diesel fuel trailers are not after-sales and often require maintenance.
  • 3. New diesel tanker trailers can be used for a longer period of time, and you can rent them to others during periods of non-use; used tanker trailers are used for a shorter period of time, and if you rent them to others, you may often receive calls. Processing will become very tired.
  • 4. New diesel fuel trailers cost more, used diesel tank trailers are cheaper.
  • 5. Used diesel fuel trailers are not safe, and new diesel fuel trailers are safer to use.


Panda Mech diesel tanker trailers manufacturers

PANDA is a diesel tanker trailer manufacturer from China. Panda has sold diesel tank trailers in many countries, mainly in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, such as Nigeria, Tanzania, the Philippines, etc.


Why choose Panda Mech diesel tanker trailers?

  • 1. The body of this fuel tanker trailers adopts carbon steel material, which is easy to maintain and has low maintenance.
  • 2. It also reduces the tare weight of the tank. anti-ripple baffle: The use of a T610L high-strength steel plate can improve the yield strength and tensile strength.
  • 3. Strengthen ladders for cleaning and repairing fuel tank trailers.
  • 4. Install valve protection box to prevent transmission medium leakage, avoiding Environmental pollution and personal injury.
  • 5. PANDA diesel tanker trailers will be inspected before being shipped to the port to ensure that every detail is good.

How much diesel does a tanker truck hold?

The size of a tanker truck can vary greatly, but they tend to be large and many are classified as semi-trailer trucks. The largest tanker trailer, usually reserved for long hauls, that transport materials long distances can hold 60,000 liters (almost 16,000 gallons). The smaller ones, often used for in-town transport, may haul 30,000 liters (about 8,000 gallons) or less.


What is a tanker trailer?

There are numerous types of tanker trailers on the road, differentiated by their size, what substances they transport, and how much volume they can haul. They also referred to as road tankers, can hold a number of different types of liquids or gases, including gasoline, diesel, oil, fuels and even some numerous hazardous materials.


How long is a tanker trailer?

A tanker trailer length: 12500-18000mm, 41-59 feet, not fixed, according to the actual situation of the user to manufacture.


How many Litres is a fuel tanker?

A fuel tanker can hold 30,000-60000 liters, 8000-16000 gallons. If you have special needs, please send an email to pandasale@pandamech.com.


Diesel tanker trailer introduction

The diesel tanker trailer is mainly composed of a pillow device, a tank body, an oil discharge device, a bogie, a brake device, and a coupler buffer device.

Diesel tanker trailer material: stainless steel & aluminum alloy

Stainless steel diesel tanker trailer

Advantage: low price and high hardness (used for cost savings)

Disadvantages: heavy weight

Aluminum alloy diesel tanker trailer

Advantages: lighter weight (for countries with limited weight)

Disadvantages: high price, low hardness (use is not a problem)


How to calculate the capacity of diesel tanker trailer?

Diesel tanker trailer capacity=Length * width * height


How to safely use the diesel tanker trailer?

1. Static electricity must be grounded

(1) Before the loading diesel, the ground wire must be connected, and the ground wire must be in good condition to meet the power-on standard.

(2) When loading oil, the crane pipe must reach the bottom of the oil tank, the pipe mouth should be kept at about 15cm from the bottom of the tank, and the initial filling speed should be strictly controlled within 1m/s, until the oil outlet is immersed, then gradually increase the flow rate. , but the maximum flow rate must not exceed 4.5m / s to prevent static accidents caused by splashing;

(3) After the loading diesel is finished, the ground wire needs to be disconnected for 5 minutes, because after the diesel is loaded, the oil inside is still shaking, and it is easy to generate static electricity.

(4) The equipment used must comply with safety regulations and standards.

2. Note that the human body is charged, and the vaporized gas is likely to explode due to static electricity.

3. It is best to transport an oil product in one warehouse. If it is replaced, it is necessary to clean the original oil according to the specifications.

4. Master the emergency handling methods of various emergencies and operate according to safety regulations.


Diesel tanker trailer parts

Diesel tanker trailer chassis

Adopting all types of cost-effective mature chassis produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck and other well-known domestic manufacturers, the reliability, comfort, and economy are the best

Diesel tanker trailer tank

All the raw materials are made of high-quality international steel produced by large domestic steel companies. Specialized vehicle production process, combined with years of production experience

Diesel tanker trailer species features

Rich in variety and complete in announcements to meet users' needs for different tonnages, different power options, and different types of functions

Applicable to various oil transportation and distribution units for oil transportation, distribution, and mobile fueling operations

Diesel tanker trailer vehicle configuration

Gear oil pump, non-return flow meter, one metering pressure oil discharge port, one non-metering pressure oil discharge port, ground wire, fire cap, fire extinguisher, two 3 meter oil pipelines, optional tax-controlled fuel dispensers according to user requirements, Explosion-proof cover, subsea valve, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow and bottom refueling pipelines and other mature options

According to the frequent problems of the diesel tanker trailer, we have added a lot of unique designs. It is not convenient to display here. Please contact our sales staff for a consultation.


Diesel tank trailers design

  • 1. Security barrier
  • 2. Configure the vehicle-mounted tax refueling machine, automatically roll the mobile refueling vehicle
  • 3. Double and multiple tanks
  • 4. Double pump device, oil completely independent
  • 5. Motor pump
  • 6. Straight suction recovery
  • 7. Dipstick, level gauge, deep hole gauge valve
  • 8. Oil sump
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