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3Axle 40Ft Container Skeletal Trailer

2 Axle Container Skeletal Trailers (For 20 Feet)
Tri Axle Skeletal Trailers  (For 20 - 40 - 45 Foot)
4 Axle Container Skeletal Trailers (For 20 - 40 - 45 Feet)
Supply Ability: 200unit/Sets per Month
Description Realted

3Axle 40Ft Container Skeletal Trailer

As a 3 Axle 40Ft container skeletal trailer manufacturer, We supply trailer options for carrying 20/40/45 ft and other size containers. We use the largest of 12 pcs of EU standard container locks.

We also use long-life trailer axles types and numbers according to load tonnage, For this skeletal Type Container Carrier. Gooseneck skeletal trailer is designed for reducing height for transporting ISO Container, Tank and reefer container.


Images - Skeletal Trailer

Skeleton trailer

Skeletal trailer


Video - Skeletal Trailer


Tri axle Skeletal Trailer specifications

Assembly Name 




Main beam

Q345Steel; The height of the beam is 500mm;

Upper plate;14mm; Middle plate is 8mm; Down plate is 16mm.

King Pin

2” or 3.5” traction pin

Skeletal trailer dimensions



Suspension type

Common mechanical

Height of skeletal trailer

1550mm, 5.1 ft

Running system


Tri-axle skeletal trailer, FUWA brand

Wheel Rim

9.0-22.5steel wheel rim



Number of Tires:12 pieces

Brake system

Brake Chamber

6 big chamber 

Brake Valve


Brake system

Dual Line Brake system



1 set standard toolbox


Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp, etc.


1 coat of anticorrosive prime, twice coats of final paint.

Spare Tire Carriers

2 pieces

Twist lock

12sets twist lock for 1*20ft,2*20ft,1*40ft container

Landing gear

28T Manual operating, Heavy duty landing gear


Skeletal trailer weight



Tri axle skeletal trailer manufacturer

Panda Mech is a skeletal manufacturer from China. We supply kinds of volume skeletal for sale. PANDA MECH manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, etc....


40 ft skeletal trailers for sale

Contact us for a skeletal trailer price. (Panda Mech supply 20 40 45 foot skeletal trailer for sale, price depends on specification. Maybe you want a container trailer for sale.) We supply tri axle skeleton trailers for sale. We can also customize according to your needs.


PANDA engineering team will be ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meets your transportation needs and also your local regulations. The PANDA engineering team can communicate with you online to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the skeletal trailer chassis design, material, drawings, videos.

What is the skeletal trailer?

Skeletal trailer as knows as fixed skeletal trailer, skeleton trailer, iso container trailer. Skeletal trailer is used for transport ISO tank, ISO container, refrigerated container. Panda Mech manufacturer supply 20' 40 foot 45 feet skeletal trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs.


How long is the skeletal container semi trailer?

  • 1. 20' skeletal container semi trailer length is 6 meters, 4/8 pin
  • 2. 40 foot skeletal trailer length 12 meters, 4/8/12 pin
  • 3. 45 feet iso container chassis Length 13.7 meters, 4/8/12/14 pin


Iso Container Parts


What is an ISO container?

ISO or intermodal containers are used for the intermodal transport of freight cargo. The ISO stands for ‘International Organisation for Standardization’ who has set the specifications for containers to make sure they are suitable for the use of transporting cargo through multiple methods such as truck, rail, or ship. These regulations define a shipping container that meets size, strength, and durability requirements.


Splitting skeletal trailers

Skeletal trailers as known as splitting skeletal trailers. Splitting skeletal trailers are used on port terminals, mainly used by some container companies. If you don't know how to choose, please send an e-mail to pandasale@pandamech.com and we will give you advice.


Skeletal trailers hire

About skeletal trailers hire, we give you three suggestion;

  • 1. We recommend that you consult with a few skeletal trailers suppliers, most often looking for individual owners.
  • 2. Do not rent skeletal trailers for more than five years, and often need to repair.
  • 3. Be sure to sign the contract before repairing.