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Fuel Tanker Aluminum 4" api valve unloading valve

Casting AL structure and use the spring to increase service life
Decrease fluid line to raise the flow
Easy to change and inside use the SS to prove intensity
Fit API1004, EN13083 and flange TTMA standard
HYF series API valves are installed at the bottom of the tank and are safe and easy to uninstall.
When unloading oil, the valve can be firmly connected with the connector and can effectively resist pulling force.
It has an aluminum alloy structure and can be applied to various couplers. Its design and structure can increase the service life and improve the operating capability.
Body: Aluminum Alloy
API Valve Head: Hard AL
Poppet valve: AL alloy
Seal: FPW and NBR
Operating shaft: stainless steel
Size 4"
Flow 2500L/min
Working pressure 0.6MPA
operate way manual
Temperature -20 to 70 ℃
Connect way flange
Medium oil