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What is an end dump trailer?

End dump trailer as known as end dump semi trailer. the structure includes chassis, box, and lifting sys. Work by PTO supply oil to the cylinder, lifting box till to design angle, cargo slide out, improve unloading efficiency. 

Widely used in sandstone plant, construction site and mine, transport sand, gravel, earthwork and mining.


End dump semi trailer specifications

 Manufacturer  Panda Mech end dump semi trailer
 End dump trailer volume/ capacity  25-50cbm, 25-120 ton
 Overall dimensions (mm)  8000-12000*2500*3500 mm
 Body dimensions (mm)  7784-11625*2400*1380 mm
 End dump trailer length  26-39 ft
 End dump trailer height  11 ft
 End dump trailer width  8 ft
 Chassis  Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam 
 Axle  2,3 Axles, 14 tons
 Hydraulic system  HYVA hydraulic cylinder
 Cylinder  175, 191, 202, 214 / 4TG, 5TG
 Suspension  Mechanical suspension / Spring suspension
 End dump trailer weight  6.5-8 ton
 Kingpin  JOST 2" or 3.5 detachable type
 Landing gear  JOST 28T
 Braking system  ABS or EBS (optional)
 Material  5mm or 6mm high strength steel
 Tire  12R 22.5 315/80 R22.5
 Spare tire carrier  one set of the spare tire including a carrier
 Accessories  One standard toolbox, one rocker handle, one Shaft wrench
 Brake chambers  T30/30
 End dump trailer parts  Electric system, brake system, axle, tire, suspension, latch, kit.


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End dump trailers for sale

We supply end dump tralers for sale. We can customize according to your needs. End dump trailer price: $10,000-35,000. (End dump trailer depends on specifications.)


End dump trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is an end dump trailer supplier from China. PANDA MECH has sold End dump semi trailer in many counties, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.More about panda

end dump semi trailer


How does the end dump semi trailer work?

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. The high-pressure oil enters the lift hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe and pushes the piston rod to tilt the car. It is more common to tilt over in the future, and the steering of the piston rod can be controlled by the operating system to stop the car at any desired tilt position. The cabin is reset using its own gravity and hydraulic control.


How long is a side dump trailer?

The side dump trailer can generally be used for between 6 to 8 years, but when it is used, it must be maintained and checked frequently to ensure the normal use of the side dump trailer.


How many yards is an end dump trailer?

End dump trailer length: 8.7-13.1 yard;

End dump trailer width: 2.7 yards;

End dump trailer height: 3.8 yards.


Used end dump trailers for sale

The used end dump trailers are cheaper than the new end dump trailers, but it's a bit dangerous. We recommend that you use the tipper trailer for more than five years.

The new end dump semi trailers are more expensive, but he is very safe in use and has after-sales service, which can be used for a longer period of time.