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Tipping semi trailer is mainly used to transport sand, stone, ore.  Tipping semi trailer capacity: 25 -125 ton, tipping semi trailer volume: 23-55m3.


Tipping trailer specifications

Item Tipper trailer
Type U type tipping semi trailer & block tipping semi trailer 
Material Steel
Tipper trailer dimensions 8000mm-12000mm*2500mm-2700mm*3400mm-3700mm
Tipping semi trailer height 3.4-3.7m
Chassis Q345 or T300 high strength bao steel material
Axle & Brand 2 3 4 Axle FUWA/BPW/JINSHENG
Tipper trailer capacity 25 - 125 ton, 23 m3 - 45 m3
Transport Sand, stone, building materials, coal, garbage


Tipper trailer parts

Trailer tipper latch, tipper trailer kit, manhole cover, suspension, chassis.


Tipper trailer for sale

We supply tipper trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs. Tipper trailer price: $10,000-35,000. (Tipping trailer depends on specifications.)


Tipper trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is a tipping semi trailer supplier from China. PANDA MECH has sold tipping semi trailers in many counties, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.


Tipping trailer video


What Is The Tipper Trailer?

A tipper trailer is a big trailer that usually lifts when dumping its hall in a chosen location. It is similar to the dump truck trailer and is used synonymously to mean the same thing.

A tipper trailer is a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as the dump truck. It consists of a car chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo compartment, and a power take-off device.

The tipper trailers have two types of backward tilting and side tilting. The steering system is controlled by the operating system. The backward tilting is more common. The piston rod is pushed to tilt the compartment, and a few are tilted in both directions.


Tipping semi trailer transport

Tipping trailers are often used with excavator loaders, mainly for transporting sand, earth and bulk materials.


How does the tipping semi trailer work?

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power take-off device. The high-pressure oil enters the lift hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe and pushes the piston rod to tilt the car. It is more common to tilt over in the future, and the steering of the piston rod can be controlled by the operating system to stop the car at any desired tilt position. The cabin is reset using its own gravity and hydraulic control.


Tipper trailer design

The tipping semi trailer can tilt a certain angle, which saves a lot of time and labor, greatly shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency and reduces transportation costs.