30,000-60,000 Liters Petrol Tanker Trailers For Sale

Petrol Tanker Trailers are mainly used to transport petrol, petroleum, gasoline.

Fuel tank trailer capacity: 30-60 CBM. We can customize it according to your needs.


48 CBM Gasoline tanker truck specification


Panda Mech


Petrol tanker trailers

Fuel tanker truck dimensions


Fuel tanker  truck capacity

48 cbm/48,000liters petrol trailers



Max Payload


Tare weight



Iron Steel, Stainless Steel


High Strength Steel






Air suspension, Mechanical, Bogie

Brake system

Dual Line brake system, T30/30 Chamber, Wabco emergency valve, ABS/EBS optional

Other Parts

Mudguard, Ladder, 1 standard toolbox, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint, Polyurethane paint, Landing gear, 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim, Fire extinguisher, 4-inch Pneumatic bottom valve, 500mm Aluminum alloy manhole cover, Q345/6mm steel sheet, conforming ADR


Fuel, Oil, Crude Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Petroleum, Gasoline


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How many Litres in a petrol tanker? How many liters does a gas truck hold? 

The petrol tanker can carry 30,000-60,000 liters depending on the size and can be customized for a petrol tanker. What's more, the maximum capacity of a gas truck depends on the density of the liquid being transported.


How many gallons are in a fuel tanker?

A fuel tanker can carry 8000-16000 gallons of oil.


How much petrol is in a tanker? / How much fuel does a fuel truck carry?

Fuel tankers can hold 30-60 CBM, 30,000-60,000 liters, 8,000-16,000 gallons.

A "semi" fuel truck gasoline tanker holds 9,000 gallons of petrol, give or take. The capacity is usually controlled by the 80,000 lb gross weight limit for trucks in the US.


How long is a fuel tanker trailer?

The front axle weight (FAW) tanker trailer typically has a length of 31-41 feet, a width of 8.2 feet and a depth of 10.8-11.8 feet. These fuel tanker trailers typically have a tank volume between 8000 gallons and 16000 gallons.


What is a petrol tanker trailer?

  • ◇ Petrol tanker as know as oil tanker, tank truck, petrol tanker trailer. Petrol tanker consists of a tank, power take-off, driveshaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and other components.
  • ◇ Tank body material is divided into stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
  • ◇ The tank type has a square shape, an ellipse shape, and a round shape.
  • ◇ The oil pump has a self-priming pump, a gear pump, and a double pump.
  • ◇ It can be divided into multiple positions and loaded with different oils.


Fuel tanker trailer manufacturers

PANDA MECH is a petrol tanker trailer manufacturer from China. PANDA MECH has sold petrol tankers in many countries, such as Nigeria, Tanzania, and other African countries, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries.


Petrol Tanker For Sale

Contact us for a petrol tanker price. (Petrol tanker price depends on specifications.)

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Used petrol tanker trailers for sale

Regarding the used petrol tanker trailers, we have several suggestions for you.

  • 1. Do not buy petrol tanker trailers that have been used for more than five years. In general, fuel tanker trailers need to be replaced after six years of use.
  • 2. Before buying fuel tanker trucks, we must find professional people to test.
  • 3. If you need to purchase used fuel trailers, we can customize according to your needs or help you find used petrol tank trailers.
  • 4. We need to know that used petroleum tankers may require frequent maintenance.
  • 5. You have any questions about new petrol tanker trailers and used gasoline tanker truck, send an email to pandasale@pandamech.com.