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Wha is LPG?

Lpg, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is mainly composed of propane and butane, with a small amount of olefins, which are produced when crude oil is extracted or volatilized from oil or natural gas production.

LPG is a mixture of oil and natural gas under appropriate pressure. LPG exists in a liquid state at room temperature. LPG is mainly used in civil fuels, automobiles, city gas, non-ferrous metal smelting and metal cutting, etc. Baking of agricultural products and roasting of industrial furnaces, etc.

What is LPG tanker trailer?

LPG tanker trailer known as lpg road tanker, lpg trailer, lpg transport trailer & lpg tanker truck. 

LPG tanker trailer parts:

1) Tank

Level gauge, Drain, Manway, Steel baffle

2) Filling & Discharge System

Control method, Liuid dischare, Valve box

3) Other Fittings

Tool box, Mudguard, Ladder, Level gauge armrest, Water tank or hose box, Fire extinguisher, King pin, Landing gears

4) Running Gear

Chinese Spring Suspension, Spare wheel carrier, ABS, FUWA brand, Double Coin, tubeless, 12.00R20, Drum type Brake

5) Special Requirement

If you have special requirements for lpg trailer, please contact us and we will customize it for you.

LPG Tanker Trailer for sale:

We should know that different configuration prices are different, if you need, you can contact us, our sales staff will quote for you.

Price: $20,000-40,000

Images of lng tanker trailer and co2 trailers:


lng tanker trailer

CO2 trailers

co2 trailers

Why choose LPG tanker trailer manufacturer PANDA?

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing gas tanker trucks. We have a lot of details in our own design to ensure the safety and use of liquefied petroleum gas tanker trailers.

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If we are temporarily unable to supply, we can help you find other suppliers. So if you need it, please contact us as soon as possible.

How to move 120 gallon propane tank and 250 gallon propane tank?

In general, we use tanker trailers to move propane tanks. Because the tanker trailer has a special configuration to fit in the propane tank, it is safer and more convenient to use.