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Container Skeletal Semi Trailer Deisgn

What is container skeletal semi trailer?

Panda mech skeleton trailer details, advantages


The container trailer is mainly used to transport ISO tank, ISO container, and refrigerated container. Container trailer capacity 40 tons and max 54 tons.

Container trailer can be divided into container chassis, gooseneck container, skeletal trailer.

2019 the latest container trailer design can better reduce the overall height, thus complying with the national limit of height.


Container Trailer Manufacturer

Panda Mech is a container manufacturer from China. Since 2002, trailer production has already begun. Until now, Panda Mech has been successful throughout Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America. Such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, etc....

40 ft tilt container trailer

container trailer gooseneck

Used 40' gooseneck container trailer

Used 40' gooseneck container trailer There are a lot of insecurities. We don't sell the used gooseneck container trailer because it is too dangerous and there is no after-sales service.


Container trailer rental

Panda Mech recommends that you take a photo before renting the container trailer, and if the container trailer has been in use for more than six years, it is not recommended to rent it.

Container trailer height: 1500mm; 5ft.

Container trailer parts: brake system, axle, pin, tire