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3 Axle skeletal container semi trailer

40ft container semi-trailer

shipping container semi trailer


Container trailer specifications

This is the container carrier trailer spec.

Dimension 7500/12500/13500*2500*1550mm
Height 1550mm
Width 2500mm
Weight 5600Kg
Main Beam "I" Section 500mm height Q345/T700 material 
Twist lock 4/8 set ISO Standard
Suspension Mechanical / Air / Bogie
Axle 2/3/4 axles BPW/FUWA/PDME etc
Rim 8/12/16 pieces 9.0-22.5 Steel/Aluminum
Tire 8/12/16 pieces 12R22.5 Bridgestone/Triangle/Linglong etc
Brake Valve WABCO
Brake Chamber 4/6/8sets T30/30
Air Tank 28L
Brake Pipe Nylon Wire Pipe
Landing Gear 28T Lifting JOST/YAHUA
Kingpin 2"(50mm)/3.5"(90mm) JOST Bolting Type
Lights 12v/24v LED Waterproof
Color Customized 
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Container trailer dimensions

20 Foot container trailer dimensions: 7500*2500*1550 mm;

40 Ft container trailer dimensions: 12500*2500*1550mm;

45 Ft container trailer dimensions: 13950*2500*1550mm;


Container trailer height

20 Foot container trailer height: 1550 mm;

40 Ft container semi trailer height: 1550mm;

45 Ft container chassis trailer height: 1550mm;


How much is a container trailer?

20Ft container trailer price: $6900-$7500;

40 Foot container trailer cost: $7500-8900;

45 Feet container trailer for sale: $8000-$10500;


Skeletal container semi trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is a container trailer chassis manufacturer from China. As a container semi-trailer supplier, we supply 20ft 40ft 45foot container semi trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs. Now Panda Mech becomes a professional transport solution supplier, service more than 100 countries. More about....


Container trailer gooseneck

Flatbed container semi trailer