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Computer control, the front and back ends of the tank are plunged with a plasma CNC cutter, and then they are spin-pressed once by the imitation spinner to increase the strength and do not allow manual tapping.


Submerged arc welding is automatic welding, and the tank body is automatically welded with gas shielded welding at the welding work station to ensure the original quality of the tank weld seam.


The length of the tank body adopts one-piece integrally welded longitudinal beam to ensure the strength of the tank body. The tank should be treated with an overall shot peening process to eliminate weld stress and overall rust removal.


The use of international advanced technology, the use of car paint processing technology to enhance paint adhesion, uniformity, durability; the most advanced large-scale drying equipment, strict control of dust, no pollution, so that the tank body shining.


Tank pressure and seal testing to ensure product quality and ensure that the product passes a rigorous test.