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Aluminum Cement Bulker price

Loading rate >98% fully filling
Residual rate <0.3%
Delivery height >15m suitable most silo
Faster unloading >1.5ton/min save fuel

Aluminum cement bulker trailer is used for carrying cement, lime, and any other powder materials in bulk. We offer this trailer with electrical and we have flexibility on the technical specification of aluminum cement bulker. PANDA MECH can offer competitive prices and the highest quality aluminum bulker trailer.


Aluminum bulk trailer image

aluminum bulker trailer
aluminum bulker trailer for sale


Aluminum cement bulker for sale

Contact us for an Aluminum cement bulker/bulk trailer quote and detail. Cement bulker price depends on cement bulker specification. 

Bulker cement price


Aluminum Bulker trailer Specification

  Standard   Options
Dimension Length: 7980-12500mm    
  Width: 2550mm    
  Height: 3850mm   3200mm
Main Beam H Beam, V Shape   W Shape, Vertical type, AL
Tank Body High Straight Steel   Aluminum Alloy
  Body 5mm, Baffle 6mm    
Manhole 2pcs 500mm Steel   Aluminum Alloy
  with Safety Lock    
Axle Capacity: 13T   9T, 11T, 14T, 16T, 20T
  Amount: 3     pcs   2pcs, 4pcs
  Brand: Fuwa   BPW, L1, SAF, HO’S, HJ
  Type: Drum 10 nuts   Disc, 8 nuts
Brake System System: WABCO Valve Duel Line type    
  Chamber: 30/30 type    
  Water Spray: None   20L Air pneumatic type
Electric System International Standard 7 pins Socket 7 Functions Lamp    
  Wattage: 24V   12V
Trailer bulk suspension Mechanical   Air, Bogie, Axle Lifting
Tire 12R22.5 Vacuum 12pcs   12.00R24, 385/65, etc
Rim 9.00R22.5 12pcs Steel   Aluminum
Standard Accessory      
Safety Valve   2pcs 2Bar  
Pressure Gauge   2pcs  
Non-return Valve   2pcs  
Blower   12pcs Pipe  
Ladder   2pcs at Front and Rear  
Discharge Valve   4” Disc Valve  
Discharge Pipe   1pcs 4” 6m Rubber Pipe  

We offer a wide range of aluminum cement trailers with different specifications and different capacities and electric engines.

If you have any questions about the aluminum bulk trailer, please send an email to service@pandamech.com, our engineers will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you need a quote about an aluminum cement bulker transportation, please send an email to sales@pandamech.com, our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible.