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45000 Liters White Oil Tanker

Transport medium:
Gasoline, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar, etc.
Tank shape:
oval tank, round tank, square round tank.
Hot market:
Supply Ability:
200unit/Sets per Month
Description Compared
This type of aluminum alloy tanker trailer is very popular in Africa and is suitable for the local market.


45000 Liter fuel tanker images

45000 liter fuel tank trailer

45000 liter oil tank trailer


45000 Liters Aluminum fuel tanker specification


Aluminum fuel tanker

Tank Body 

Loading capacity: 35000 liters

Compartments: 1 compartment ( design according to your 

requirement )

Moving Parts

Axle: 3x13 tons FUWA axles 


12R22.5 radial tire /9.0-20

Suspension System

The reinforced plate spring balanced suspension. 

Leaf-spring: 10 pieces with a width of 90mm 

Braking system Wabco


24-volt electrical system rear lights


JOST 2"  (50#) bolted type or 3.5" 90# 

Landing Leg Support

JOST 28Ton 


2 toolboxes  + 2 spare tire racks +bumpers( side and rear)


Aluminum fuel tanker for sale

We are an aluminum fuel tanker manufacturer from China. We supply aluminum fuel tankers for sale. We can customize according to your needs.


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Steel tanker and its allocation Aluminum fuel tanker Comparra advantage
tank,main beam,side protection system,traction and other structural and suspension are all made from steel  they are all made from aluminum alloy  3.5mt lighter in weight,high strength than steel,high corrosion resistance
Leaf spring suspension air suspension ligh in weight,walking impact level decreases,extend tank life white on the road play a protective role
steel wheel aluminum alloy wheel weight 0.15mt lighter for 6wheels,beautiful appearance
bias tire and radial tire vacuumtire weight,oil-saving good shock absorption effect,lower tire burst rate
steel axle light material axle higher strength,light in weight
steel landing leg aluminum alloy landing leg higher strength,light in weight

The development of aluminum alloy tankers to light weight has improved the safety of vehicles, reduced the fuel performance, greatly enhanced the economic benefits for users, met the environmental protection and energy saving requirements of regulations, and is the development direction of international transportation vehicles. Aluminum alloy tanks have good The anti-corrosion performance, so as to ensure that the oil or chemical liquid is cleaner, and the volume is large and the weight is light