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3 Axle Bule Sidewall Trailer

Transport items:
Containers, cement bags, stones, mechanical equipment, etc.
Other style
Ordinary,Gooseneck,With front board
Supply Ability:
200unit/Sets per Month

3 Axle blue sidewall trailer can be used to transport many kinds of objects, from boxes to bulk cargo. Its side panel can be opened, and it is more convenient to unload cargo. 3 Axle blue sidewall trailer is widely used by transportation companies in the logistics industry.

PANDA cargo trailer is noted for its highly robust structure steel, we can provide different configurations of our drop side trailer to meet your transportation requirement.


3 Axle blue sidewall trailer images

3 Axle blue sidewall trailer

3 Axle blue sidewall trailer


Sidewall trailers for sale

We are a sidewall trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 3 Axle Bulker Drop Side Cargo Trailer for sale. We can customize according to your needs. Sidewall trailer price depends on specifications.

PANDA engineering team will be ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meets your transportation needs and also your local regulations. The PANDA engineering team can communicate with you online to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the product design, product material, product drawings, product videos.